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What Iop branch/branches should I chose?

By Naraevo August 13, 2013, 13:17:47

As title says, I would like to know which branch (fire/earth/air) or which multi-element (fire/earth, earth/air or fire/air) should I go (and not only me, but surely some others will look for some guide "for iop brains"). My main focus would be (obviously) high dmg output (mainly for PvE nad UBs) and obtainable mid-game and end-game set (in other words sets I dont have to spend mKamas, my first born and both kidneys).

I personaly was thinking about fire/earth or fire/air [ingame they recommended earth/air], but I want to know opinion of other people who knows what they are saying. I dont ask for tutorial, how to level up or where to fight, but for best branch combination and possible sets during gameplay.

PS: I read "Iop Hybridization Theorycrafting" thread, but my brain went into Iop phase and couldnt understand freaking word there.

PPS: If possible, please try to write it also for others who possibly could look for this help, not just for me smile

Thank you for any help

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Depends on what your accessibility to equipment is.

Endgame gear for fire and earth or fire/earth is Magmog set (second hardest).
Endgame gear for air is Black Crow mixed with Yech'ti Wawa set (easiest).
Endgame gear for air/fire is Mecha set (second easiest).
Endgame gear for air/earth is Dragon Pig set (hardest).

You can also budget yourself and use omni gear like Vampyro set, though the damage will be lower than a set designed to multi-element.

You can gauge what you think will be the most accessible to you. Air does the highest single-target DPT but lacks any range or AoE. Earth spells are expensive but powerful and can stun. Fire spells have fantastic AoE but are also fairly expensive and sometimes hard to work with.

You can mix and match the pros and cons of each. Then you need to choose 10 AP or 12 AP set-up. The latter is weaker but lets you do more attacks while the former is easier to do and stronger within the confines of the amount of AP you have.

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Brokonaut|2013-08-13 14:06:30
Depends on what your accessibility to equipment is.

This^ is probably the most important thing to come to terms with when choosing your character build.

Most of us on the forums discuss builds and ideas considering top tier equipment. Every respec I look at the gear i have available and plan accordingly. My characters have switched elements many times because of this.

Mono Element:

Generally speaking, I believe earth is the easiest element to jump into as an Iop. It' effective in PvE, PvP and UB's. Finding gear for Earth isn't too bad.

Duo Element:

I think Earth/Air is the best combo. It maximizes single target dmg and gives you access to the three basics: CC, AoE, and Range. For Iops, you gain the ability to stun as well. Do not overlook this.

What is attainable:

This is the hardest part because it relies on you. If you're in a helpful guild that can kill everything and is online regularly... I say shoot for the stars. Otherwise for earth, Phos, Moo, and Vamp are all possibilities. As earth/air, Dragon Pig won't happen until the boss is fixed. Until then, Vamp and fillers. Jelly island had some nice additions i believe.

While leveling you have to stick to one element sadly. Also stick with 2 spells in each branch, or three for single element builds. This will give you better numbers.

Always have a Vamp set on hand. You can pretty much create a decent build for any element around this set. Only exception are healers.
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