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Earth Iop - What goes well with Moowolf or Ratical Set

By Shinzyy - MEMBER - July 25, 2013, 10:25:03

Hey guys, currently I am using a full Trool set with Ancestral Treechnid gear to fill in the slots for a steady bonus 124% Earth damage. Having just hit lvl 68 though, I'm starting to wonder what set I should be aimming for next?

The Moowolf set along with it's bonus 2 AP is very tempting and along with some research, I found that most people combine it with the Kraken set for the crits. While this combination will only yield me 133% Earth damage, it comes with a big bonus to my crits and crit damage.

I was just wondering, is this the best way to go about things to improve my damage? I know Wakfu is going to be releasing new items soon so this might not be the best time to ask this, but currently what are my options? Is the Kraken set the best way to maximise my damage when combined with the Moowolf set, or is there something better out there I haven't realized yet?

A second option would be using the much easier to obtain Ratical Set and then combining it with a %Earth damage set? Maybe even a AP amulet so that I hit 10 AP overall for double devastate. What are your opinions guys?

Thnaks for any help!

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Moo and three piece Phosphorescent would be best.

Vampyro and three piece phos or two piece kraken is great.

Ratical is also strong with two piece phos/kraken

Forfut is acceptable but does not add ap. It's a last resort and should be fairly cheap to acquire.

Imperial Puddly can add some nice filler if you have access. Both Kraken and Puddly do not offer much in the form of defense and are for more of a glass cannon style.

You'd want 3 AP from gear and 1 from stats for a standard 10AP build. Double devastate or Rocknoceros is what you'd aim for. I'm a Rock/Shaker Iop myself. I can still AoE when the opportunity presents itself at a lower base dmg. I find it's needed less for the content i enjoy.

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