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Earth Iop - What to stat?

By Shinzyy July 20, 2013, 15:18:43
I am currently lvl 54, and at lvl 80ish I plan to get the Ratical set which will give 1 AP. Thanks to it, I can also get a 1 AP amulet and along with my Goultard and the 1 AP I already bought with stats, I'll have a total of 10 AP for double Devastate.

My question though is, what should I start pumping my stats into now? I already put in 100 HP along with 1 AP, so whats next? More HP is starting to seem a little meh, so strength maybe? Though 6 points just for 1% damage... I guess with 250 points pumped into strength that's a good 125% damage along with earth resist, so maybe that isn't as bad as I'm making out. Another option would be critical chance, though the most I'd be prepared to invest would be enough to get me a extra 20% critical hits. A critical hit build could be interesting, seeing how it will essentially double my damage at times as well as increase the stun chance on Rocknoceros to 20%.

So what do you guys think? More HP for tanking, strength or critical chance? Thanks for any help or advice!
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Hp is usually not statted, mp is useful and depending on what you like you can max crit, strength or a bit of both.
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I would grab one MP, since you need to get in close to hit, and you need MP for Devastate.
Spend the rest either in crit or str.
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I ended up just taking an AP, an MP, and pumping all out strength all the way to 120. Works wonders for me. Pierces right through even 400% resist enemies in combat.

• Mango
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Sounds good, guess I'll transfer that 100 hp into MP and then just pump strength, thanks for the help guys!
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