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Air iop sets

By saldygrove July 06, 2013, 00:39:04

What iop gear should i buy after lvl 60 im wearing ebony scara with imperial blibli and mp boots mixed
i have 1 point in ap and all in agility . I need something for ap and lots of air damage.

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Since you are already 60 it might not be worth your time to get both imperial gobball and imperial tofu. Both of them give decent air damage with the gobball giving some nice wisdom and tofu giving nice crit. Having both full sets also gives you an MP from gobball and an AP from tofu.

If you chose to look forward from 60 I suggest checking the board often and farming celestial gobball for infernal pieces for level 68. It's only a 4 piece set and gives you nice all around damage with a bunch of wisdom and an AP. This set as well can be equipped at the same time as divine tofu, which is basically an identical set to infernal (maybe slightly inferior but not much) and also gives you an AP. However divine tofu is a much harder drop rate to deal with and pieces sell for nothing less than 45kk thus far from what I have seen.

Personally with my air sac I will be equipping infernal and filling in other spots as best I can until 87 when I will hopefully have black widow set ready, it gives 2 AP, 1 MP, and tons of air damage.

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