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Considering Swapping to Earth Iop.

By Six02 - MEMBER - June 26, 2013, 22:53:39
So I have a level 74 fire Iop and I'm contemplating swapping to earth, the only problem I have though, is I don't know what Gear I should grab, any assistance for the level?
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I would recommend you to reach lv 84 [or use kit skill] and go for the forfut set. Ratical is another option at lv 83, but I personally think Forfut is better unless you're planning a BS double Shaker build or something; having said that the rat sets are bugged right now iirc, so yeah.

If you don't want to level, I suppose go for Royal Moogrr and Imperial Puddly or Imperial Drheller fillers.
Score : 718
Ah alright thank ya, I'll hold off on earth for a while then thank you very much.
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