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Air Iop Re-Spec... Any ideas?

By KishinHunterZ June 14, 2013, 00:28:46

Hello there wakfu pro's

id like to know where i should put my status points
(agi? crits? ap? mp? id like to know wut would benefit me the most...)

for specialties i use

Max Virility
Max Authority
Max Compulsion
Max Locking Pro

Almost maxed Bravery Standard
And ima go max Jump afterwards

while ur at it
throw in some equipments or sets
anything that would work well with the build ur sugesting

thank you all in advance


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I'm respecing my Air Iop too, and I found the question of jabs-jabs-jabs-guttinggust-uppercut (JJJGGU) vs flurry-flurry-flurry-flurry-guttinggust-flurry-guttinggust-flurry-uppercut (FFFFGFGFU) to be quite interesting.

Jabs is marginally more efficient in DPA (16 vs 14 at lvl 100, 31 vs 27 at lvl 200) - but Ariel is quite interesting, and if you look at the entire combo then the DPT is very similar (167 vs 166 at lvl 100, 325 vs 323 at lvl 200). When considering the effects of Authority the scale tips in favour of FFFFGFGFU, which will almost certainly hit maximum bonus by the end of turn 2, where as JJJGGU averages only to 87% damage bonus. That doesn't seem like much, but over those two turns the flurry combo averages 12% more damage. The raw DPA is less than 1% in favour of Jabs at lvl 100, and less so at 200 - even at lvl 50 we only see a 5% advantage towards Jabs. It would take nearly 38 turns for Jabs to be more advantageous than Flurry - at level 200

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