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Earth Iop

By sharkbiite March 03, 2013, 20:21:49

Hey guys! ^^

So I was thinking about making an iop lately, and I like the look of earth. So i'm here to ask any earth iops here for some advice/help. What are the best spells to use? From what I've seen devastate seems to do great AoE damage and Rocknockeros seems nice for hitting things through allies. What are the best things to put points into? Someone I know who used to be earth said 10 ap was good for earth, but what other stats are good for it? Willpower seems like a good thing to have, maybe from a pet or gear, to apply more stun. Is locking pro useful for earth? It seems people have a mixed opnion on this, it would be good to know smile Thank you in advance for any help ^^

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Earth is nice and a good element but you would need to use air with it as secondary.

The reason you would need air is to finish up left over ap/mp for extra damage. Also for letting you build up authority for that +100% damage.

On earth iop i would have shaker as my main dmg, with devastate as secondary for killing multiple weaker mobs. Level up gust and flurry as well. With 10ap you can use flurry>gust twice then double shaker with the other spells leveled to your preferences of use.

For specialities, if you want high dmg soon and want to stun as well, max out authority. At max lv, authority will give u +100% damage in 1-2 turns if u have 10ap.
You can also use intensify to convert the 100power (+100%dmg) to +50% more stunning chance.
That 50% stays with you for as many turns as you don't use one of the stun spells, so you can freely pick when you want to stun.
You can also build up another +100 power and intesify that for +100% chance to stun as they stack. Though that would cost 2wp for the double intensify.

earth iop with some air is more versitile, spell and map tactical, than other iop builds. So have that in mind while you play.

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Like everything in this game it depends if your focus is PvP, PvE, or UB's. All of the earth spells are useful.

Personally I run with 9 AP and adjust my gear for 10 AP when needed, which is often. I have Shaker at level 92, three others at 70, and Charge at 45. My setup adds +8 earth spell levels and allows me to use four of the five spells effectively. It's extremely difficult choosing between Shaker and Rocknoc as my main spell. In the end I like punching things in the face, so I have to choose fun over efficiency sometimes.

Battle plan is simple. I usually jump behind the mob to turn it for my team. The extra 2 AP each turn is for Jump, DS, or flurry as needed. Virility, Compulsion, Jump, Defensive Stance, Authority maxed and remaining points in Show Off.

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