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Air or Earth Iop

By HockeyFreak18 - MEMBER - February 27, 2013, 00:20:46

I would like to know whether an Air Iop or an Earth Iop is stronger end game. Any and all comments are welcome!

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air iop is very strong but dont is efecctive end game, only mele skills is hard to find some group for UB etc...they dont have durability =/
Earth have heavy dmg and from distance lovely on groups...

sorry i dont speak english Uu

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My Iop Theory

Equip 1AP and Stat 1 AP,
Then go full Agility for massive Air damage,
Use Earth only with double Increase to stun biggrin
Air/Earth Hybrid Iop = High Damage + Stun

Stun Turn = 100% power at beginning of turn -> Increase (50% Stun Chance)
Flurry and gutting gust till 60% power -> Increase again (50%+30% Stun Chance)
Charge!!! -> (50%+30%+10% = 90% Stun Chance)
Overpowered no?

Locking Pro and Bravery Standard work very well together, especially against non-melee like cra's

Locking Pro -> 40 Lock
Stabilizes enemies in front (forced to push you or get locked)

Bravery Standard -> 50% Damage on next attack
Stabilizes you (Can't be pushed)

How about that?
You can't run away now!

And that was my Iop Theory

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