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How do you level your pets up?

By Alaru February 29, 2012, 21:07:39

I've used a gobbal for about 10 fights before it died and it didn't level up once. Can you even level them up?

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They don't

only gobgob an increase levels and that always starts at level 1, and then can only increase its level by eating other creatures it spit out BEFORE being summoned: IE useless

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You can't level up your pets. They stay the level you get them at. Also, their level cannot exceed your own.

Lets say that you are level 10. you take a level 10 XXXXXXXXX.
Now, later on you can summon two thing, you can't use two level 10s because 10+10=20 which is more than your level. You CAN you two level 5s(5+5=10 which isnt over your level). Or at later levels(60 for example), you can use a lvl 40 and a lvl 20(40+20=60)

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