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Adding more summons

By Zidablaze February 22, 2012, 19:29:41

Like people say it will be OP but if you add the summons for when we go above lever 40 that will be balanced by the time we get to level 100 all the other classes will be pooping on osas if they can get away from our low leveld summons or they will destroy the low level summons.. and its not like you cant nerf the new summons to be balanced in game..

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mmo's never come out with 100% of the content. and yes some classes will have a slight advantage after lvl 60 but between ranged and chef lancer aswell as the kinda poor symbiosis + feed ( not in that order) osa wont be the worst class later assuming new zinit and higher lvl mobs get released before people hit 70. since every one was just scroll and spell cheating i dont know how long it would take to lvl to 70

the class is defined by the summons you use and there is already a problem with gaps in the summons lvls but i doubt it will be like this for to long and if you can go to islands they may add in new things.

the easyest classes will have probably half the server using them . ill have a earth sac as a second character

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Yeah because in release we're sooo gonna be summoning Gobball Warchieves at level 100. sleep

You must've forgot that mad content was locked in open BETA, right?

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