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Capturing Creatures!!!!!!!!!!!

By Zidablaze February 21, 2012, 18:33:37

Its sad that we cant catch every monster except boss's that makes playing a osa really boring... while all of my friends are flashing their skills at monsters I have to go somewhere far out of the way to catch something instead of being able to catch a monster that we are currently fighting why not let all the monsters be catchable it would make being a osa fun.. it would make being a osa being a osa....

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Short Answer: Balance.

Long Answer: Boss Monster will never and should never be catchable. Now if they make a non-boss ver of a boss monster and change its level to be appropriate then sure I can see that one being caught. But bosses are often much stronger than there level.

And as the game is developed more of the monsters that are not catchable now will eventually be catchable and rebalanced accordingly.

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Basically what Xel said.

I would LOVE to have the wild gobbals capturable...but they would be massively overpowered laugh

I mean hell, people sitll consider Osa very viable...and we only recent lost 30% of our pets HP/Damage%/Resist%
Although, to be fair, thats in part because significantly more pets became available too.

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XelZeta|2012-02-21 22:33:16

Long Answer: Boss Monster will never and should never be catchable.

I believe the boss of the scarab dungeon, scarador, was catchable...
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