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Hooks Osamodas Summoner Guide

By Kidefence February 12, 2012, 06:11:07
Click here

Follow the link for the updated Osa guide. With both Fire and Earth Sections.
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Took a look before posting, thanks but no thanks im gona have a guide translated from this French osa that hit the hundred mark , his names Queazar and this dude knows his strats and takes his gaming pretty seriously

il post the link on launch when all the updates and class balances come out, probably wont have one for air tho

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Stock up on your favorite monster. You'll be using them a lot, and losing them just as much. ESPECIALLY in PVP.

Tricks, I say! My Bow Meows are useless in battle! Mangy jerks.

But I'm mildly surprised that you put five points into Animal Blessing right after pumping points into...Gobup, I think. What are your thoughts on Phoenix Spirit? I saw that you haven't mentioned it in the skill build section, not even to throw some dirt on it.

EDIT: Disregard. I'm just blind.
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