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The Whispering Island

By Tragrim - MEMBER - October 02, 2012, 15:55:23

I was extremely excited when I discovered all the monsters on the new island were tamable and, after testing out each monster, I'm a little.. disappointed, but not unsatisfied! I expect if the summons retained certain buffs they would be extremely overpowered, so I can understand why certain aspects were modified or removed.

I don't remember the names off by heart, so eh, just go with it

Flag bearer - basically a support summon.. however only two spells are actually usable; a simple heal spell which can be used twice, but only per target per turn and a mediocre damage spell which pushes the target back some. I must admit, I would have loved for the aura to be retained, but I can see how it would be overpowered.

Crossbow guys - decent ranged damage if buffed... but that's a big if (due to the AI of the summon = run away). I would consider using this duo over the other two whisperer mobs personally, he's pretty rad.

Mercenary group - died the first time fighting a single one of these, the 200 damage counter attack was intense! I found, much to my disappointment, that this is reduced to 50 damage (which is understandable), but literally all but one spell is unusable.

Crackler dude (level 100) - In my opinion the only "decent" one and even it is a bit iffy. I assumed that each hit made via the crackler would increase it's base damage until finally, on the third turn, the target takes maximum damage and is stunned (this is of course if the target in question remains on that crack thing created).. but alas after the second hit nothing happens, the damage remains consistent. Furthermore his heal spell doesn't work and his AI is totally idiotic (constantly targeting allies with his ranged spell)... but I don't mind him too much! He's really good in PvP, being tanky and with a double boohowl can dish out some nice damage.

Smaller crackler dude (level 105) - basically a ranged version of the level 100.. and because of this rather weak. It has two spells that can be used and a third which requires a Mercenary group (for the target). 1 spell summons loads of rocks and if a summoned rock drops on a character damage is dealt, otherwise they act as barriers for a few turns. The ranged attack is soso and pushes the target back if they're in close combat range.

In short.. Level 100 crackler = good, crossbow guys = good, rest = meh.
I'm hoping the 110 mob is tamable xD.
What do you guys think?

SIDE NOTE, this is against other whisperer monsters, of course.
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