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Marfolog's Osamodas guide

By Marfolog#4841 - MEMBER - September 28, 2022, 19:31:06

Hello everyone, I'm Marfolog, a fellow osa player. I have been maining osa for several years and  to me it's the most fun and enjoyable class to play Wakfu.

I've wanted to write a guide for revamped osa for a long time, since osamodas is much more popular and complex in both competitive and casual plays now.

This guide is planned for both newer and advanced players who want to learn osa.
Osamodas in the current revamped state can be an amazing damage dealer, while also maintaining support and healing capabilities, or you can go full support mode, providing insane buffs for the entire team.

Spells review
Elemental spells

Fire branch:

Incendiary Crow ★★★★★

Modifiable range, doesn't require line of sight. A good simple spell to deal some damage while staying far from the danger. Its base range is very good, allowing you to take advantage of it. It deals increased damage if the target you are hitting isn't in the line of sight. To trigger that you can not only use obstacles and other entities, but your own summons and gobgob as well!

Flaming whip ★★★★☆

Modifiable range, requires line of sight, can only be used in a straight line. A good spell to spend some leftoever ap, or apply scaled state to benift your summons (indirect damage for summons will be explained later) and allies damage. The only real disadvantage this spell has - limited straight line cast.

Flame torando ★★★★★

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. A simply amazing spell every osa should carry around. While spell's damage is lower than average (and costing a whole wp point) the utility it provides is too big to pass up. Used on enemies it deals damage and increases the damage recieved from your summons by whole 30%, used on allies it increases heals recieved from your summons. This is the best spell to spend a wp point, while being on full wp count, since osa regenerates 1 wp at the end of the turn anyway.

Fanning ★★★☆☆

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. An interesting spell with a cost of wp sometimes unjustified to use in a fight. Used on enemies it deals moderate fire damage and heals your summon by 200% of the damage inflicted. If you are using this spell solely for summon healing make sure to target enemies with the lowest fire resistance. Used on ally it will apply a 3 turn non-stackable buff, which heals 10% of ally max hp at the start of their turn. I don't consider this spell to be the best, because it mostly does things, that the healer of the team can do but better. Fanning buff is useful to give to allies in emergency situations, and it is also useful in several rift runs.

Dragon's Breath ★★★★☆

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. While this spell is rarely (if ever) used by st/dist osamodas builds, its damage per ap (dpa) ratio in dragon form is insanely high. When used in human form this spell can be cast anywhere for a 2 size line aoe. In dragon form this spell can  be used on yourself and your summon or on empty cell, having differect effects. Used on an empty cell it deals 2 cell line aoe with lower damage. When used on a summon/yourself it deals very high fire damage to adjacent entities, while the osamodas or the summon loses 10% of their current hp.

Earth branch:
Sandstorm ★★★★☆

Not modifiable range, requires line of sight. Deals very high earth, if the summon is adjacent to the target it receives 100 elemental resistance, 200% of level in lock and 30% block. If the summon is adjacent to 2 entities, casting the spell again will not increase the buffs. This spell is very useful in combination with tank summons, as they already have a resistance and lock boost, or it can be used in a pinch to save a life of your very valuable offensive summon.

Gravity ★★★★☆

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. A simple earth spell to spend leftover ap, it removes 50% of caster's level dodge and lock from the target, and stacks the debuff, possibly allowing your summons and allies to dodge/lock the target easier.

Impalement ★★★☆☆

Not modifiable range, can only be used in close combat. This spell has a good dpa ratio without any real penalties for use, except requiring you to come into contact with an enemy, which is still a heavy price for the damage you want to inflict. Osadomas doesn't have means to reliably keep enemies in close combat or sustain itself from a prolonger melee fight. I wouldn't justify using this spell, if you aren't playing dragon osa.

Gambol ★★★★★

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. This spell is amazing to use even outside of earth builds, simply because of the extra mobility it can provide in a pinch. Using this spell gives you 1 mp for the price of 3 ap, even when using this spell on an empty cell. As an added bonus it also has a good dpa, allowing you to inflict somewhat of a decent damage regardless of your build.

Crackler Punch ★★★☆☆

Not modifiable range, doesn't require line of sight. This is another aoe spell, which is much more useful in dragon form. In human form it can be used on any cell, dealing 2-cell aoe damage. In dragon form it can only be used on the summon or yourself. Upon use it attacts all entities by 5 cells in a line and then deals damage to all adjacent targets. This spell could be a decent positioning tool, but it also deals damage to allies. A good use for it would be attracting any targets into close combat to then use more powerful spells like Impalement and Dragon's Breath.

Air branch:

Whip ★★★★★

Not modifiable range, requires line of sight. This is the best spell to deal damage without spending any extra wp. The damage ratio is very good and it also deals double damage on any summoned entity (must read "summoned by XXX" to count as a summon).

Plucking ★★★★★

Not modifiable range, requires line of sight. Amazing spell with an average ap ratio. It turns the target to face away from you, allowing for easy backstab damage. The turning happens before the damage is inflicted, so, unless the target is stabilized, this spell always deals backstab damage. Since this spell opens enemy's rear it can be effectively used to boost your summon's and allies' damage, allowing them to also deal backstab damage.

Transfer ★★★★★

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. I simply love this spell, it's very useful in so many different situations. Used on an enemy it deals good air damage. If the summon is within 7 cells from the target they swap places, it also works on allies without dealing damage to them. Combine it with osa's ability to summon a creature wherever they want and this becomes the best positioning tool in our kit. This spell also has some advanced depth, which will be explained later.

Repulsive Breath ★★★★☆

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. This spell is always handy to have, it can be used to position, setup aoe for your summon, or simply push an enemy away, if you are locked. It also has higher than average ap ratio.

Feather Tornado ★★☆☆☆

Modifiable range, doesn't require line of sight. Used on an empty cell in human form it teleports the summon to the targeted cell (2 cells max). In dragon form it can only be used on summon or osamodas, dealing increased damage to adjacent entities. This spell really doesn't have much to it. Its dpa outside of dragon form is lower than average and even in the dragon form it's only the same as plucking.

Active spells
Before we get to checking out active and passive spells you'll need some basic understanding on how "summons" state works. Whenever you summon a creature it has a level 1 summons state, providing 0 wp for unsummoning. For each turn spent on a field by this summon the state increases by 1 level up to a level 10 and the unsummoning wp are increased by 3 up 27.
Last Breath  ★★★☆☆

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. This spell can be one of the most powerful spells in certain niche situations, however it isn't widely used by many players. Upon using this spell on summons they recieve 4 mp and range, and 10% damage inflicted and heals perfomed for each turn they spent on the field (up to a maximum of 90%). Osamodas recieves wp equal to the amount of turns spent on the field by the summon (again up to a maximum of 9) and at the end of its turn the summon dies. This spell can provide you with some insane nuke capabilities, if you manage to keep your summon alive for long enough, while maintaining a steady supply of wp regeneration, however it can really hinder your wp in the coming turns, since the summon simply dies after its turn (if the battle is still going after such a heavy nuke that is).

Motivating Shot ★★★★★

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. This spell is pricey but insanely good to have. Used on summons, it gives them 20% damage inflicted and regenerates you 2 ap, which means if you use it, while having full ap you'll miss out on the ap regeneration. Used on yourself or an ally they get 2 extra ap and 20% damage inflicted. The target of motivating shot cannot be targeted by it again for 3 turns.

Velocity ★★★★☆

Not modifiable range, can only be used in contact with an ally. This spell gives 15% melee damage inflicted, while also transfering all your remaining mp leaving you at 0. If it was used on summons the conversion rate is 1:1 (used on 5 mp, transfered 5 mp) up to a maximum of 8. If it was used on any other ally the conversion rate is 2:1, roudning down (used on 5 mp, transfered 2.5, rounds down to 2). This spell is a good alternative to motivating shot, if you don't want to spend much wp to increase the damage of your allies.

Weakening Cry ★★★☆☆

Modifiable range, requires line of sight. This spell applies weakening cry state onto the target: with each hit recieved by a summon the target loses 50 resistance, but the summon's damage is halved. While the damage is halved with each hit, it still increases, as the target's resistance drops. This spell is good, but it severely limits your summon's damage capacities. The decreased resistance stays until osamodas' end of turn, even if the summon is unsummoned/killed, which means that an osamodas can also take an advantage of decreased resistance at the start of their next turn. Take note, that there's a hard cap of maximum -200 resistance on any target per player team, which means that the any hits beyond 4 will not decrease the resistance further. 

Relay ★★★★★

Not modifiable range, requires line of sight. Using this spell on your summon or gobgob allows you to swap places with them. Using it on an ally swaps them with the summon at the start of ally's turn (7 cells maximum). If there's no summon on the field or it's further than 7 cells the target swaps with an osamodas. If no conditions were met nothing happens. If used on yourself you'll swap places with the summon at the start of your next turn, with the same conditions. This spell is very useful for several situations. Allowing melee damage dealers to reach targets easier, getting yourself out of a tricky situation, positioning summons and getting them closer to enemies.

Animal Link ★★★★☆

Not modifiable range, requires line of sight. A simple armoring spell, providing a hefty amounts of armor to a target, while also regenerating you 2 wp. In most cases this spell isn't worth the wp regeneration and is better used to help an ally surviving another turn. Using this spell at lower than 30% of your max hp will sacrifice all your health points but one, leaving you at exactly perfect 1 hp.
Passive spells
Boowolf Fury ★★★★★

One of the best passives in the kit, providing insane damage increase for the summon with little downside. At the start of each summon's turn, up to 3 turns, it recieves 15% damage inflicted and heals performed and 1 mp, up to a maximum of 45% damage and heals with 3 extra mp.

Animal Gift ★★★★★

Once again, an essential passive for any osamodas. If the summon is alive at the start of your turn you regenerate 1 wp without any downsides. Osamodas's wp consumption is always very high, so any passive that regenerates your wp faster is a must have.

Crobak Vision ★★★★☆

A very useful passive, which allows your summon to be less of a nuisance to other players, while also providing you 2 bonus range. Take note, however, that the summon also stops blocking line of sight for enemies, meaning you won't be able to use it as a meat shield as effectively.

Summoning Warrior ★★★☆☆

This passive is mostly useful for dragon builds, otherwise the summon deals more damage than an osa. Besides this also applies -20% heals performed to a summon, which will also hinder summons' healing capabilities.

Solitary Summoner ★☆☆☆☆

In my opinion one of the worst passives out there. Not only does it discourage osamodas to play without summons, which is our core mechanic, but also 3 ap isn't worth the absence of summon, as it will deal more damage in 99% of situations.

Dragonic Power ★★★☆☆

A very good passive to use while playing in dragon form, losing 1 wp at the start of the turn in dragon form can be easily countered with summoned gobgob or by using Animal Gift passive (tip: use both!)

Phoenix Spirit ★★★☆☆

This one is pretty situational, definitely not worth it while playing as a regular damage dealer. This passive shines if you are taking subroles suchs as healer and locker using summons. There aren't that many good healer and tank summons, so cycling the few summons you have with this passive can be good.

Taur Strength ★★★★☆

This one is absolutely amazing and in my opinion every osa should use it. Lack of dodge can be worked around with such tools as: Relay, Transfer and Repulsive Breath. Extra single target damage is transfered to summons and so does the 0 dodge. With 0 dodge the summon can only dodge once, as its base ap is always 4. Be warned that having 0 dodge you can be locked by ANYTHING, even by an entity with 0 lock. This passive also doesn't set your negative dodge to 0.

Animal Synergy ★★★★★

While this passive decreases osamodas' damage by 20% this decrease isn't tranfered to summons, meaning the summons do in fact get extra 20% damage inflicted. This passive is also essential for any room clearing, allowing you to go wild with using motivating shot and flame tornado for your summon to deal a lot of damage AND refund wp on kills.

Symbiosa ★★☆☆☆

This spell is obviously designed for dragon form builds. The passive is triggered even if you unsummon a creature with a spell, meaning you can get 30% melee damage inflicted for free. However the resistance penalty makes it so not worth it, also considering you'll probably be in melee with your enemies. Unless you are sure you can kill all enemies without dying, or you have high enough resist you shouldn't use this.

Dragonic Transcendence ★★★★☆

Yet another passive for dragon form, this one has no downsides if you are using melee mastery for your osamodas. Ranged damage penalty is only applied if you use spells in dragon form on your summons from more than 2 cells.

South Star ★★★★★

Perfect passive for any support osas, combined with Eastern Star the solar arua's effect can stack, allowing you to give an ally 4 range with 30% damage inflicted.    

Animal Sacrifice ★★★☆☆

Most of the time this passive can hinder your wp amount more than help with it. Having range for summoning spell is really important, as it not only allows you to have precise control when summoning, but also allows you to unsummon the creature to regenerate wp. In all honesty osa doesn't need a very huge wp pool unless you are trying to maintain ancestral energy, so keeping your wp count around 9 is already good enough with a passive.

Eastern Star ★★★☆☆

While this passive isn't very good on its own it really shines in combination with South Star. With only this passive base aura effects do not stack. Using solar aura on osamodas and then sacrificing gobgob will not remove the aura, allowing osamodas to take advantage of it for the next turn.

Animal Devotion ★★★★☆

One of the most versatile passives in osa kit, allowing osa to take several roles while also dealing good damage with their summon in exchange for 25% damage inflicted.
The effects are doubled on summons:
Fire spells: apply 10% of level, 23 at level 230 of flaming per spell ap and wp;
Earth spells: apply 200% of level, 460 at level 230 armor per spell ap and wp;
Air spells: heal 3% of target's missing hp per spell ap and wp.
Crit and heals performed do not affect the listed effects, armor given does increase the armor gain, flaming is capped at 200% of the bearer's level.

The Art of Taming cannot be rated

This passive is on another level, allowing osa to almost double their damage output in exchange for a potential chance at taking a lot more damage. The Art of Taming requires a specific build with increased wp pool and increased elemental resistance. While in most cases the summons are ignored by the enemies, if there's another player in their range it won't be possible to avoid taking 1-2 heavy hits every now and then.

Animal Sharing ★★★☆☆

This passive can be useful in rifts or in combination with the art of taming, if your summons are taking way too much damage, plus the extra damage and mp is applied to both of them. Aside from these situations losing 100 elemental resistance in exchange for potentially protecting the summon isn't worth it.

Generic passives
Evasion: the initial dodge is tranfered to summons, however they do not gain bonus dodge for doding with losses.

Interception: same as evasion, the summon gains the inital lock, but not the bonus lock for locking the target.

Inhalation: the summon always takes turn after their summoner, extra damage to targets with higher initiative isn't transfered to summons.

Motivation: everything except 1 ap is transfered to summons.

Medicine: everything is transfered to summons, this passive is very good for healing summons, however it reduces your overall damage capacity.

Rock: heals recieved isn't transfered to summons, everything else is. While this passive isn't useful for offensive and healing osamodas, combining this spell with Animal Link can provide the amounts of armor to rival fecas themselves!

Carnage: a very good choice for offensive osas, damage inflicted and heals performed are transtered to summons, however extra damage against targets with armor isn't.

Fluctuation: has no effect on summons at all.
Third tab spells

As well as many spells to choose from osamodas has 3 innate spells, as well as a passive, which regenerates 1 wp at the end of your turn.


The very core and essential spell of every osamodas. Using this spell once opens a gobgob menu with all  your captured summons. Using it again with a selected creature allows you to summon it on a targeted cell. To capture a creature you should simply use this spell on any capturable enemy and the only condition for it to be captured - the enemy has to be killed by the osamodas or their summon. Other than that there are no limitations and you can capture creatures of a higher level.


Another essential spell, gobgob plays a huge role in maintaining your wp regeneration. While the gobgob is a on field you will regenerate 1 wp at the start of your turn. The gobgob also inherits your current resistances, meaning it can even keep limited resistance buffs that were applied to you.
Gobgob spells:

Astral Exchange: allows you to swap places with osamodas or their summon for a cost 1 wp. Good for positioning in a pinch or moving just a few extra cells when the fight calls for it.
Lunar Aura: places a 2 cell aoe aura around the summon. Anyone starting their turn inside an aura takes damage and gets a debuff to deal less damage to the aura bearer. Lasts 3 turns. This aura disappears if gobgob dies or uses the Nova spell.
Solar Aura: places a 2 cell aoe aura around the summon. Anyone starting their turn inside an aura is healed and gets 50 elemental resistance. Lasts 3 turns. This aura stays even if gobgob dies or uses the Nova spell.
Starry Motivation: gives the target 2 mp completely for free. Be warned, that if a gobgob dies the bonus mp are also removed.
Nova: can only be used on osamodas. The gobgob dies and osamodas regains 3 wp.

Dragon form

Changes your form from human to dragon. In dragon form you no longer regenerate 1 wp at the end of your turn and all single target elemental spells become 1 cell aoe spells, with an ability to be used only on summon/osadomas themselves. All aoe elemental spells get special effects. In dragon form your single target mastery is converted into aoe mastery, but distance mastery stays the same, which means to play dragon most of the time you have to build a specific set of equipment.
My spell deck


Stats distribution
Intelligence: 10 points into elemental resistance, rest into % health points, as all of that is transfered to summons.

Strength: For focusing summon damage while maintaining far from danger:
20 points into single target and distance mastery, rest into elemental mastery.
For dragon builds:
20 points into single target and melee mastery, or 20 points into aoe and melee mastery, rest into elemental mastery.

Agility: If you plan on using Taur Strength then 20 into force of will, rest into lock. Alternatively 20 into force of will, rest into dodge.

Fortune: 20 into crit %, rest into rear mastery if you can reliably allow your summon to backstab. Alternatively 20 into crit %, 20 into block %, rest into rear/crit mastery.

Major: Ap and elemental resistance, then fill the rest with what your build is lacking the most. I went with mp and wp points. If you aren't using the art of taming and ancestral energy you can go with damage inflicted.

Summons characteristic and in-depth wp regeneration
 At this point this starts to get confusing for a lot of players, they are lost as to what stats are inherited by summons and how to maintain a steady regeneration of wp. Let's start with summon's charactericstics:
Some of the things are pretty clear and some can get confusing fast. To make things simple let's go over all general characteristics. 50% of the osamodas's HP is pretty clear, it takes your maximum hp into account. Your highest elemental mastery as well as secondary masteries (melee/ranged and single target/aoe) are all transfered as elemental mastery to your summon.

Let's take an example of osa, who has 150 elemental mastery, 50 single target and ranged mastery and 20 melee mastery. 150 elemental mastery is taken, then the game checks for the highest masteries between single target and aoe, then does the same for ranged and melee masteries. Since this example osa has melee mastery lower than ranged mastery, the melee mastery isn't taken into account for the summon, so the summon's final mastery will be 150+50+50=250.

As for other characteristics it can also get pretty confusing, because certain stats simply do not tranfer onto summons. So here's a general rule of thumb to figure out if the stat is applied to summon. If the stat is in the characteristics page and is applied before or at the start of the combat it is transfered to summons. Yes, if you buff osamodas in a fight this buff isn't transfered to summons, even if you summon it while having said buff. This is for all the supports out there, buff our summons please!

Now let's get to wp regeneration shenanigans. An average summon consumes 3.5 wp per turn, taking into account situational spells, cooldown spells etc. Your average wp regeneration per turn is also 3.5wp, taking into account Animal gift, gobgob being alive and using Nova every 4 turns and osa's innate wp regeneration. That means you'll be net neutral on wp regeneration not counting osa spells. Seems kind of hopeless, how do you even use other osa wp spells, while also maintaining a summon on a field to get a juicy boowolf fury and last breath stacks? That's where external wp regenerating tools come into play:

Speed bonus: unless someone needs wp more than you, it's an easy 1 wp every 3 turns, already balancing summon wp consumption

Animal synergy: while clearing a room of mobs you can go wild with wp consumption, given, your summon is strong enough to kill 1-2 mobs to refund the wp. Sometimes spending wp can yield a positive gain, example given: using flame tornado for 1 wp, for summon to have enough damage to kill the target. You can also ask your teammates to leave enemies going after you at low hp to regenerate wp this way.

Animal link: while this isn't the best method to regenerate wp it can definitely work in a pinch, giving you 2 wp in exchange for 4 ap and some of your health.

Last breath: if you have managed to maintain a summon on a field for a long time you can use last breath on it, giving it crazy damage inflicted bonus while also gaining 1 wp for each turn spent by a summon. Make sure you have enough wp to continue with another summon however, since the one you used last breath on will die, taking the animal gift regeneration for a turn.

Unsummoning: the most obvious way to keep your wp flowing, while not being the most efficient. If you are running too low on wp, knowing you won't be able to take a full turn with a summon you should better unsummon it to summon any other creature in its place. 

General wp consumption and regeneration rules
 I see a lot of osas ignoring the huge amount of wp, that can be generated via unsummoning/using last breath spell, this way a lot of wp just burns out and isn't used. It's always good to calculate your current wp before unsummoning, and maybe use motivating shot a couple of times if you would end up burning wp. You know that every player would appreciate some bonus ap.

To be added
List and description of all summons
Advanced strategies + tips and tricks
Different ways to build an osa
Enchantment and sublimations

I hope you have learned something new reading this guide, this is my first ever community post and I would be very happy if it helped any osamodas players! If you have any suggestions/questions feel free to comment below. Any criticism is also welcome. I'll be updating this guide in a short period of time and I'll try to keep it up to date with any upcoming updates.
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It is very nicely written.

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Score : 4292

After some testing in beta, it seems that Surgical Precision will boost the heals and armouring of summons, while Secret of Life does NOT boost the heals of summons, and Evasion do NOT boost block of summons. I do not know the exact priority order for determining which sublimation work before the summon "copies the stats" of the osamodas while which doesn't at the start of combat (e.g. featherweight), but all in-combat boosts (e.g. ancestral energy, stasification, lunatic etc, do not work).

This is unlike the current Sadida dolls which still gain the boosts of the Sadida at the point they are summoned, but never inherits % heals performed.

0 -2
Score : 210

Evasion is applied as a buff for 1 turn, so I'd say it is applied after other regular "start of combat" buffs, counting as a buff applied after the fight has already started. As for Secret of Life it indeed does not boost the summon heals, which I would honestly consider a bug.

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Score : -1

Awesome guide! I'm trying an Osamodas and this first edition already helped me!

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Score : 210

Really glad you found this guide helpful! I'll be updating it and adding more information in the coming days.

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@Marfolog see if you would like to mention it in the opening guide post as well - normally the aura buffs disappear if the Gobgob finish giving out WP and dies or from combat, but with Eastern Star somehow if casted on Osamodas, the buff persists even after the Gobgob dies

0 -3
Score : 210

Weirdly enough it only applies to solar aura, without the need of Eastern Star even. The aura will stay on both summon and osamodas for its original duration, while the lunar aura disappears immideately. Updated the guide, thank you for the information!

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Score : 3463

Is there any aoe osa build viable now?

0 -3
Score : 210

It is, well built dragon osa can dish out insane amounts of damage. However they do need some sort of positioner (preferably panda) to babysit them, as osas don't have means of efficient and cheap mobility.

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I believe Marfolog will eventually update this as well: but for up and coming Osamodas making their sets-

Featherweight does boost your summon's damage (even though Secret of life somehow doesn't boosts heals)

Ancestral Treechnid's armour provision is fixed value unaffected by % armour given or received.

Boowolfine, Gobette etc that gives armour or self armour (Whirlibig) grants armour in the more traditional way and thus is boosted by % armour received (Moon Scales) and % armour given (Medicine, Rocky Envelope, but likely not Armour Length since it's not copy-able in the characteristics page).

Thus, I believe indirect damage boosts from Ruin is also inherited for the benefit of Wolfix and Arachnee.

Wakfu Influence and Ancestral Energy checks your WP before Animal Gift and Gobgob replenishes it, also very unfortunately.

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Really loved the explanations, great job Marfolog !!!!

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 I wanted to know if the build lvl 200 set is ok, otherwise what would they change? PS: what sublis would they equip?


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gotta say its an insightful read. I myself run a hybrid osa, dragon osa, and summon/support osa as a team. I think you are sleeping on dragons and that 3ap bonus without summons, because it can allow a dragon to rage and close encounters quickly. tho be careful, rage too much and you will be out of WP and have no summon to help for the long term fights.

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Score : 210

Thing is, in my opinion, having 3 ap over the utility of a summon (be it dpt or heals or positioning) is not worth it nor in quick neither in long fights. In a quick fight the wp consumption of a summon won't hit you that much, while also providing a lot more elemental damage than osa could for 3 ap. In a long fight you are forced to regulate your wp closely regardless, so summoning/unsummoning for wp is also necessary.

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Score : -11

ye marf is strong in dungeons... main damage dealer in ogrest

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