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How to build an Osa around summoning two creatures?

By joelman#4844 - MEMBER - July 05, 2022, 15:18:28

I have seen Osas using two summons at once, I tested it but didn't really get good results compared to a single summon Osa. The other day, however, I saw a high level Osa summoning two of them around its enemy, and then using sandstorm as a way of giving both of them a tank bonus, but they were not tank summons, so they attacked anyways. This made me think that there must be a way to set up this osa, though the combination of passives and stats may be specific. 

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I thought it wasn't possible in later lvls, but i've seen a friend play like that and it interessed me very much.

For Survivability:
Animal Sharing seems recommended (as is not using Boowolf's Fury) for pets' resistances, and of course not neglecting your own resistances is very important. If you have low res, it may be better sticking at single summoning.

Although it seems counter intutive, you may want to not have as much HP to keep your summons' HP lower, making the most of the fact that the last hit on your pet, the hit that kills it, doesn't reflect the damage back at you. If you allocate 10 points in armor instead of health, your HP+shield will be considerably larger than if you only put them on HP, so that helps too. It's kinda a double-edged sword since you won't be regaining the pets' WPs if they die.

And maybe the most important part for survival is having sublimations:

  • Vital Return gives 10/20% of your lost life back if you kill an enemy. It does work when your pets do the killing. You, the summoner, will get the life. This alone makes a colossal difference.
  • Precaution heals you for 5~20% of lost HP if you're below 50% HP
  • Berserk Wakfu: if you have 50% or lower WPs (and you will), gain 100~400% of lvl as armor (and some neat critical dmg inflicted)

The positioning can't be left to the side, too. Usually he uses a tank in meelee distance and a ranged attacker, and makes sure no one is close to each other so he doesn't take devastating AoE.

The tree tank is pretty good providing sustain too with its massive armor skill.

Gobgob's healing aura can help too, just be careful with AoE.

As for WP, we'll need all regen possible! The passives for +1WP/turn and +2WP/pet kill aren't enough if you plan to use all attacks of both your summons.
     You can have a fix dmg dealer and have the other one rotate between supports. Since the first turn only reduces damage, you can still make full use of heals, buffs, debuffs and armor, and that's +4 WP/turn!*
*Important note: The passive that makes double summoning possible gives you +1 WP at the beginning of your next turn for each pet you summoned
Even more important note: while it's not said anywhere, you'll get +1 WP each beginning of your turn if you have GobGob alive with you, making it very useful if not necessary to be always at our side.

In total, we have: 1(osamodas)+1(gobgob)+1(passive)+3(return pet)+1(summon pet) =
= 7 WPs/turn, plus up to +4 WP/turn if you kill 2 or more enemies, plus +2 WP from gobgob sacrifice each 3 turns (you gain +3 but won't gain the start of turn wp, so -1)

Since most summons will use 4-5 skills it seems pretty feasible but I only got the theory for this, not the practise, we know how an unexpected pet death may unbalance our PW management for a while, for example.

I wish I had tested it more throughly but that's what I got. The first thing that called my attention with the revamp was the 2 summons mechanic, I wish there were more discussion on the forums about it
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What they said is super helpful and imma change up my osa a lil BUT I'm testing a tanky build for mine and it's working pretty well imo!(barrier/resists/armor) :3

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control stat?

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Control isn't useful for osas anymore

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