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Are we getting our rework or what?

By jimmychan#9610 - MEMBER - December 16, 2020, 17:54:54
Ankama announced they were going to rework osa like they have almost every other class..... before the end of the year.... you got 15 days left ankama ... please be true to your word!
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First Ankama intervention

Here is a summary post of the livestream about classes we did a while back. It's the latest update we provided on the revamp topic.

Thank you for your patience and have a good day !
See message in context
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we just have to believe
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Here is a summary post of the livestream about classes we did a while back. It's the latest update we provided on the revamp topic.

Thank you for your patience and have a good day !
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I'd say Osamodas is the class that would give them more work to revamp than the others because of the summons issues. Also, is one of the most popular classes, so it kinda makes sense for marketing purposes.
Patience my fellow Osamodas incarnated
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Thanks Siu I appreciate the post smile i missed the live update biggrin 
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2021 Osamodas community demands our rework. We were not the ones who said it, it was YOU. Now deliver.
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They already said a month ago it is coming up, Next one is xelor and then well within 2021 osamodas too so. It will be delivered.
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"you got 15 days left ankama" who are you, their BOSS? Ankama said the next classes in the rework line would be Feca, Foggernaut, Masqueraider, Xelor and Osamodas, but they NEVER said "and all reworks will be done within 2020".

And for the love of god, we had a friggin' PANDEMIC OUTBREAK to worry about. So don't get your arrow-tipped tail in a knot and pray they can just WORK in this game, let alone attend your demands.
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To be fair, Ankama heavily implied (to say the least) that the Osamodas revamp will be done within 2020 as well (otherwise they wouldn't have called it "Class revamp 2020 - Osamodas" in the thread they themselves created). But I agree with you about the pandemic, even if they said it would be done in 2020, the pandemic was a situation they couldn't foresee, so I think it's a good enough reason to be understanding with them. At times like these, we should be wiser and more understanding. I just hope they'll do a good work which will leave most people satisfied with the class.
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-The pandemic has nothing to do with people doing their job.

 -As far as everyone knows they work from their computer.

-That is a sad try to shield the official posted lies about 2020 class revamp and while they keep on charinging everyones BOOSTER every month right?: they do not keep their word. 

-Sadly we are almost at the middle of January 2021. You are like Mr.Trump and his so spoken Wall.

-We demand what you promised in your written posts. Which you wrote on your own. NOT A PLAYER ISSUE THAT ANKAMA TRY TO LIE ONCE MORE IN ALL OUR FACES. Now deliver , same way as we pay your monthly SUBSCRIPTIONS AND GOODS.

What kind of scam is this Ankama??
-Wakfu Community 2021
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"-The pandemic has nothing to do with people doing their job.
-As far as everyone knows they work from their computer"  

You can't be serious. Noone can be this out of touch.  

Also, it's a video game, calm down, your life doesnt depend on it. 
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Ankama is pretty slow in this regard. Slower than most companies but i doubt wakfu makes nearly as much so I guess its expected or they wouldn't be doing crowd funded anime lol
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Well the game is also one of the few with classes that are this complex and half a dozen games to manage at the same time, the only MMO that comes to mind where each class have dozens of skills to put on a loadout is DCUniverse, but its not an strategic MMO with a laughably small PVP community, class balancing is much easier there.
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osamodas is not fun anymore before i could pick and play summons like pokemon. Now its just one and boring. Osamodas summon like treechnid cant summon their own minions. The main issue is not being able to play more than 1 summon. Balance anything else but keep the main spirit of osamodas which is being able to play more than 1 summon  
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Main spirit of osamodas? They haven't ben able to summon more then 1 summon for the last 6 years
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All I want and ask for is to bring back the ability to rename summons back. A while back when my wakfu server disappeared I lost my osa with my Gobb named Tank Healer. Who was like 117 named Dylandd. Very sad but I want the name changing back for summons. It was my fav.
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Honestly even if they replace it with a gobgob, I hope you can name it.
I mean if you can name sidekicks and even pets, it would be perfect for your gobgob
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I've been Osamodas since the dawn of Dofus, I started playing in 2007.

I'm at Wakfu now and I think it's amazing to be able to capture and summon the mobs.

Please don't change that.

What you can do to balance the mobs is to make small changes to the damage or defenses that can be captured.

The changes can be minimal in the strengths of the skills, or even not need any changes.

But if it is necessary to be very out of place, change in specific and more carefully the ones that will be necessary.

Also, allow Osamodas in the modulated mode to choose which summoning he wants to use on his deck.

At the moment, no changes can be made and this directly affects the gameplay of Osamodas in modulated mode.

It can be a great job, but it can be done calmly, listening to the community, and seeing which summoning needs to change and which doesn't, and what changes can be made.

Let us make Osamodas still that class of invoking and controlling the animals of the world of 12, in a free way and that allows unique Osamodas.
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