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New Osa Mob Website

By Tempus-Mage - MEMBER - November 26, 2020, 04:14:45

I have played Osa for a while, off and on, and it bums me out immensely that the main website people direct us to for our potential mob info is 5 years old. So yesterday I decided to make a new mob site. I have finished what I could, but I am still limited by the level of my Osa. I will update it as I can, but at the very least I think I got all of them that I could. If I missed any that you're aware of, let me know and I will fix it (so long as my level permits me to do so).
So here it is:

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I was just looking for this today thank you very much! I hope we can see the list grow as you do as well

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It's great, but as soon as the osa revamp comes at the beginning of the next year things will change and any summon list like this will most likely become obsolete / unusable. I'm personally not starting any osa character until after the revamp.

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Eh, they say they are going to revamp the Osa all the time. I'll believe it when I see the patch notes haha

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