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In Need Of: Good Lvl 35 Summons

By Swoopster - MEMBER - March 23, 2020, 20:46:47

As the title states, I'm a Level 35 Osa in need of good summons, as of now I have:
Red Piwi Lvl 22
Tofurby Lvl 14
Gobball War Chief Lvl 14
Treechnid Lvl 29
Blue Larva Lvl 8

Thanks in advance! 

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If you pull up the Wakfu website, select "Encyclopedia" / "Bestiary", then in the "Filter the List" box, specify the level range you want, and be sure to check the "capturable" box under the "Other" tab... it will give you a list of possible Osa-capturable summons in that level range. 

That being said, Alas, there isn't much to choose from in levels 30->40...  sad  If you gain a few more levels you can catch "Cracklers" though.

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Thanks anyways though. 

PS: Tofurby does more damage than Treechnid for some reason

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Use the Skeletal Gobball you catch near Morfor's dungeon in Astrub and use that until you can capture Wild Gobballs

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At such a low level don't focus on having the best summons for your OSA. you lost a lot of time, it's more useful to focus on this task beginning level 55-60 for the minimum. sooner it's too early. I just began an OSA and I'm still LVL 90 and I don't search for the most powerful summons.

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They probably won't add more summons since theyy are working on an osamodas rework

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