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Need help with osmados summon system

By Dievoss - MEMBER - March 05, 2020, 01:53:31

So basicly i was leveling my osamadas and i am lvl 55 now and i went to wild estate to catch myself a wild gobball chef witch is also lvl 55 but for some reason i cant. When i pick the catch spell it just shows black square with the cross bellow warchief . I allready have 5 beasts in my gob bag do i have to clear the old beasts from my bag  before catching the new ones ? Please could someone explain how osmados summon system works because i am bit confused. Thanks.

P.s I tried looking on forums but there is just so much different types of post its hard to find the right information sad

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Your guess is correct. You can only have 5 summons at a time. So while outside of combat, open your Gobbag and right click one of your summons. A window pops up, just click "Digest the creature" and it will delete it. Then you can catch new ones.

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thank you very much that really helped me smile

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