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distance/rear mastery osa?

By Ekossa - MEMBER - October 21, 2019, 12:19:15

Hi, I have a lv185 damage osa playing dragon/summon build. I've been focusing on distance and rear mastery but recently been told that it's not a good idea to focus on both of them, rather pick one and then focus also on either area, single target or elemental mastery.

Right now i have 557 distance, 212 rear and 850 elemental in air and fire. 60st and 60area mastery. 
Major points are in AP, MP range and control but I have very bad res (50-59) so I'm thinking to scrap MP and have res as a major.

The gear I have is decent but somehow my stats are all over the place. Any advice on build and gearing at this level?

Thanks :3


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I thing better focus to clear element mastery - You hace spells ST and AoE. Major: AP,MP,Res control You can get for gear 

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I would encourage going for either Melee or Distance Mastery as your primary stat, and then everything else into general mastery/ST/Area.
Really, its dependent on what you want to do with your osa. You'll have different builds for different uses.

Would take AP, Control, Resist and final damage for major points, though you could swap out either resist or control for MP if you really want that extra mp. This should net you the most "balanced" build in terms of both survivability and damage.

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Thanks for the replies! I have a better idea what to make, just not sure about fortune stats. I have 20 in critical hit ofc, 13 in rear and 13 in crit mastery but thinking about putting 20 in berserk and the rest in % block.

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