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Osa 200

By Lil-MHDxl - MEMBER - March 19, 2019, 05:17:10

I’ve a question. What relic/epic is good for an osa lv 200? Im trying to go for stab dmg since i heard is a go for osa because osa can turn ppl around im new to lv 200 gear so i dont know much relic/epics for that lvl. Wich combination are better ? I bought the mark VII because it had some 1 + control and overall nice stats. Pardon my english is not my first lenguage

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hello there, i try to build my osa too, but my build will be AoE Melee + Brutality epic rune.

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I use mark VII  and the epic backstab cape. Endgame backstab stuffs are kind of cheap since few classes can fully utilize them.

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One of the cons that I can see with a backstab osa is when the target is stabilized and you can't make them turn around, and you will somehow lose the backstab damage that you worked on. Mark VII is the relic that I currently use also but there might be other good relics out there, I'm also new on gearing osa, there might be someone who can give a better insight about gears.

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