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Osamodas: New player experience and a glaring, gameplay spoiling flaw.

By gienekman - MEMBER - September 30, 2018, 08:45:22

As the title says, i'm a new player to Wakfu and i started as Osa because i love summon style gameplay.

Overall: I love it, all the spells are based around pets and it is pure joy and simple enough to play. (I think the difficulty rating is a bit too high personaly)

But after i was done playing with kittens and went to hunt other, adorable critters i ran into a weirdest game design i have seen in a long time and i consider it a bug, or unfinished feature.

Any monster type you capture, has a static, unchangable level. This was quite a shock, when i caught my first fire larva from Astrub sewers after a tough battle, only to find out it was several levels lower than it used to be.

The problem grows bigger and bigger as i advance in levels.
Piwis that are level 31 before capture turn to level 22 and you CAN'T capture them before you hit level 31, leaving you staring at the screen and wondering why the hell something you were looking to catch so badly suddenly lost 9 levels.

I really hope this is just an unfinished part of the game, or some sort of mixup between updated monster levels and old content, which in this case would be Osa pets.

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All capturable monsters have a level range say 22-31, you are able to catch them as early as lvl 22 given that you find a mob at that level. A good tip is go into the bestiary in the encyclopedia and sort by "capturable monsters"

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It still feels awkward, to see a pet suddenly deflate like a baloon and losing a third of its level after you catch it. 

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You're making it bigger than this "issue" really is imo. While it's true that it doesn't make much sense that some mobs have a big level range gap from minimum-lvl to maximum-lvl, it's not that game changing and I don't see how that one thing (of all the other real issues Osas' pets have) can bother you to that extent.

You know what's annoying? Fighting with neutered summons because Ankama doesn't know how to separate PvE from PvP, so they just remove it all together; You see that summon using all those cool abilities and start thinking how you could utilize them creatively, only to find out that you can only use its "Bite1" and "Bite2" skills or can't capture that mob at all.

You know what's annoying? Still having to deal with a buggy system that doesn't know how to deal with some specific pets and their various states and passives. Rattler instantly comes to mind, as he still won't be ressed with the Phoenix Spirit passive...he just disappears.

You know what's annoying? That Osas had to struggle since the introduction of the ALS with the automatic gobgob and (even though this is the same for everyone) the automatic emblem hurting osas more than other classes sure doesn't help; Healing Mastery that doesn't benefit you nor your summon AT ALL? That sounds like a good stat to give them, right?

Now, one would say: Well, you know, they sure as heck didn't give you much for your pets regarding diversity, balance and interesting gameplay, but hey, atleast you can customize them with cool cosmetics that you can farm/craft/obtain so that they look unique and different from the mobs you find around...WRONG! Mm, let me think...Oh! You can atleast name them so you can have some kind of pet/owner relationship with 'em...WRONG! 
I'm not saying that the lvl-range thing is not "confusing" per se and it does, in fact, feel pretty weird, but we have a ton more stuff that needs to be "finished" before that I feel, therefore it's not a big deal, atleast for me as a big fan of Osamodas as a class.

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Heh yeah, after leveling up a bit i can see your point.
I keep finding pets with cool abilities, that are permanently grayed out and can't use them. Ah well, the class is still fun. 

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It seems that you are oblivious to the fact that your summon offensive capability lies in your own mastery, not its level. You might argue that base damage of higher lvl summon should be considered, but all of this is for the sake of easier coding and balancing the class. Imagine how headache inducing it would be when 2 same level osa using same summon and gears have different damage just from 'catching stronger summon in the past'. Id say other issue of osas are much more worrisome. Like having worst designed passives of every classes in this game. But we still working fine somehow. So don't worry too much.

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Ah, so it wasn't me being stupid about passives. I kept looking them up and pondering, how the hell i could fill the slots with something actualy beneficial to my pets.

I'd murder for pet +hp% for pets and share x% resists with pets passives. Anything 'tank' type pet i find has about 60% of my hps and almost 0 resists. Not very tanky at all heh. 

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Game's been out for 6 years, OSA has been reworked so many times. I started when this game launched and OSA's could summon 2x mobs that you had to FARM. You literally had to go capture X amount of monsters (like 40 chafers) and if they died then you were left with one less.

OSA has come along since then but yeah, still so much that needs to be addressed. Though based on how they "improve" classes these days....I'm worried how'd they screw it up! lol

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