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[1.60] Level 194+ Osa Set?

By RubberDuckyofDoom - MEMBER - August 22, 2018, 06:32:04

Greetings Wakfu Community!

I would just like to ask for your help on this matter, about the set or individual items I need to attain to at least meet the standard in my play style!

The only points that I plan on the set is a 12ap/?mp, General-Distance Build!

And to start it off I have picked the Deluxe Amulet as my Relic and still considering what to get as an Epic, after that the rest of the pieces will be next once the choice of Epic has been established, again I ask for your help on this matter for I have little experience so far in attaining and or what to get in this level Group! Any other suggestions is welcome, I await your reply biggrin!

Edit: I have now considered the Le Golashes as an Option now too!

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I firmly belive anti crit builds r very stong on osa ogw+agony. Also with this items and new shadowfang items from new ub this build can get pretty insane. I unfortunely wont share the new build i made for my osa as ill be using it for so s40 runs in zinit but i can ensure with the information i gave away u can come up with smth too. Only other strong build is aoe melee brutality which is perhaps even stronger however its melee, amd brutality is getting patched and will cap at 800 extra mastery and -800 distance.

i belive ellie was a great relic back when roxxor was strong when ucould get almosy 100 crit on roxxor and it would rape everyone. Now dregger or warrior r the obly good summons and warrior gets ap and fd buff so crit is rly not that great. If anything it makes osa worse. And the 20 points in crit u can put in rear a great mastey on osa who should anyways always carry bwork

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Caits too stronk Nerf pliz. Anyway, always go for 5 mp minimum. 4 is basically a cripple. With deluxe + legolash, just go for distance based gears such as sorhombrero, hair Paulette, foot ring , white quilt, narjacket, billon belt, nine leggue boots, fogblade. Left hand weapon and another ring is changeable .

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