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End game Osa gameplay

By Trololocke - MEMBER - January 17, 2018, 18:24:14

Hello people, im kinda curious to know how other people are seeing Osa's role in endgame pvm stuff, as zinit and such and how you guys adapted its gameplay and builds to it. 

Are there other summons besides roxxor that are in the table? How much should I sacrifice tankiness for summon damage? What does usually you do on end game fights and what spells are useful now?  
So much I wanna know, I'm totally unaware of the meta. Everything you can contribute will help me.

Thanks o/


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There are summons besides roxxor but they really are not as good as roxxor xD you can actually be quite tanky whilst retaining good summon damage end game you usually buff ur summon first turn then next turn u could either go dragon to do dmg or buff ur allies with animal synergy/link or whatever its called (forgot) most of the fire branch is good since it has main buffs for summon also air has spells that are really helpful buffs for summon earth branch is meh it encourages CC builds simply put you can find which spells are good by reading their descriptions but i can list them anyway.
Magpie - for heals 30/40%/ in dragon - crit resistance
Boowolf Rage - for extra dmg 40% for summons
Croak - for giving extra ap 
Crobak - gives extra range +4 to summon/ in dragon -1 range to target
Whip - gives 30% crit chance 
Scaraleaf wing - push spell/ nice spell to add to deck
Bwork Sneakiness - gives mp to summon/ in dragon can enable you to backstab enemy/ good spell to have
Gobup - summon/capture creature/ NEED to have this
Animal synergy - very good spell/ take this allows u to move summon where u want or teleport with it
Animal link - you should take this if u want to buff allies
Spritual whip- desummons creature/ take this
Symbiosa - this spell allows u to turn into dragon form/ you should take this

Thats about it tbh if you would like to know some more be sure to ask^^
Also just noticed ur 197 osa.....

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The 3 Summons you use are: 2 Roxxors, 2 Shawp (1 if you do Tower), 1 Moon lettuce (2 if you do Tower)

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In ogrest u could use 4 badgers, 1 wabbit

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Hahahahahahahahahaha. Osa end game... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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Reduced the Badgeroxxor's damage by 40% when summoned by Osamodas.

Endgame? What are you talking about?

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So Osas are really trash endgame? I thought that there was salvation for it because he can teleport allies and some good buffs. Why are they considered so bad endgame?

OMG i just noticed the nerf. 
Well, rip osas, hard nerf and no compensation at all for it.

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They are one of the strongest classes in the game at the moment, but today was a patch for the betaserver, where Osas absolute strongest summon was hard nerfed (what is basicaly not bad, but maybe it was to much), so you only get salty answers on Osas today. They are a good class and they even then will be a good class.

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look at cra and enusmile) . they just down from ur pet 40 dmg and u gais blah bah blah here smile) do you gai even look in newgears and meta? tanky gears, noncritbuild, the relic,repic gems,ogrest wrath,all in buff on osa and they just take 40 dmg from osa, what the fuck is the end smile). so anoying smile)

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I think it is trying to communicate, but i can't deceipher this. 

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