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What craftable item is worth getting for an Osa ?

By February 24, 2014, 23:30:31

As the title states, what craftable item is worth getting for an Osa?

I am looking at getting the Fryou's staff by leveling up the AOE weapons master but is it worth it? Is there an alternative weapon for an Osa that can easily drop from a dungeon that would replace the Fryou staff? I don't want to grind and waste a lot of time for an item after which ill find out eventually that it can easily be replaced by a dropped item from a dungeon.

In this regard, what do you think is a worthy item to get from professions for an Osa? Something that will last long until you replace them.

For argument's sake, lets say that my Osa is maxed level already (at level 145).


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Bolt ;3 lvl 100 ring and I think Kam's hand would also be nice

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Do you think that the Fryou's Staff is not worth getting? Is the Makabra weapon close enough to the Fryou's staff?

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Fryou's Staff is your best bet in my opinion. It has an ap and a control. You can also use it with a ratty riot shield for a combined 2 control, or with a higher defense shield if you don't need the extra control.

The other weapon which people normally stray towards is the lvl 100 aoe hammer seal craft Eskarina's Hammer. This two handed weapon weapon has 2 control and an AP.

The difference between going the hammer rout or the shield+wand rout is that the hammer will provide you with more damage for your Osa and more cmc damage for your summon/s. The shield+wand on the other hand will give your Osa more hp, resistances and block so he can take a hit better.

I'm a lvl 140 summon osa and I personally chose to go to shield+wand route, but it really is personal preference.

Bolt like someone previously stated is AMAZING for a summon osa. It provides resistance, cmc damage and 30 init which is nice. It does however lack in the hp field.

Pom pom belt when you get to higher levels is also nice to craft, and seawater amulet is good as well because it is the only amulet in the game which gives 1 control AND 1 AP.

And finally you may want to consider trying to craft Imperial Summoner Armor. it, like the Fryou's staff, is a lvl 100 seal craft and very hard to get to and then hard to craft as well. If you are able to though, if gives 22 cmc damage, 10 defense, 1 control, and bunch of other really helpful stats. The only draw back is that it lacks an mp, which I personally am able to look past. (If you are looking for something with an mp I would go Wabbit Coat or Lenald Kimono)

But yeah if you have any other specific equipment questions let me know. I love to answer any questions about summon Osas.

Happy playing!

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