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Fire Osa

By xXx-sarah-xXx - MEMBER - January 11, 2014, 03:44:40

Hi, I'm a newbie to osa and I'm wondering about some good pure summoning fire osa builds. I'd like to have around 1 summon in battle at a time tongue It seems like to would be hard to keep in control with more than 1 powerful summon.

Also, why do I read about some people hating fire summoning osa so much? And is fire/air hybrid summoner osa as good? You could combine scaraleaf wing/whip/boohowl.

Thx :3 ingame name is Aquabriel on Nox server.

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If you will be a sumoner , whether it s single or dual summoner , you need both whip and boohowl. So eventhough you will be pure fire , you need to keep whip skill level as high as your boohowl. One more thing is that , you should go dual element since it s possible now. For both resists and utility.

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