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Random +100% elemental damage?

By RunawayLoveTrain April 04, 2012, 21:38:46

While testing out C'raps damage, I noticed that all my elemental damage would jump up 100% after every few attacks. At first I had assumed that this was a feature of C'raps due the skill saying that it doubles damage, but it has been occurring every so often after I use my other attack skills.

  • The damage boost seems to occur after attacking with any skill.
  • The damage boost sometimes disappears after a following attack, but sometimes stays for the entire turn. This could be the effect renewing itself over and over.
  • The damage is independent of Fickle Dice and Winning Streak.
  • Unsure if this is related to the elemental stacking glitch due to Precision.
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Do you have any type of indicator on your character physically (Like the glowing blue when your ele damage is decreased or the orangish fire when it's increased)

Also, do you noticed anything on your status screen in the effects section that shows the actual boost?

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It's the way they want precision to work, it was what changed in 1.1, instead of Precision being added to final damage, it is being incorporated into total damage. Obviously they messed it up and it doesn't work correctly a good 70% of the time. This is a nerf to Precision and the overall damage of the Ecaflip and Cra.

if you watch your stats when Precision procs, (the little target), you'll see your total damage shift up and down.

You won't see any more 2500+ damage hits coming from Ecaflips, though I think this is a good thing.

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It could be precision bugging out, but the damage is a flat 100% increase and it sticks around for either an entire turn or a single attack boosting following attacks.

@Alsug: No, there isn't any icon indicating a damage boosting effect when it occurs. I'll try to get a screenshot of it.

Edit: It seems like it's the precision bug. It happens every time precision procs.

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