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Question on levelling

By Urthy March 01, 2012, 12:54:28

I played the game a little during the beta, and just started playing again, but I've got a question: As I understand it, our stat allocations are permanent, right? So I should be completely utterly absolutely positively certain that I want to put a stat someplace right?

I've gained a few levels so far, but I've yet to allocate any points yet for fear of screwing up. From what I've read so far, I'm assuming I'd want to pour all my points into the stat for the element I plan on using: Strength for earth in my case, and then spend points on whatever support abilities support my build, which I'm still looking into (I'd like to go for a gambler kind of setup, hence earth focus, so I'm considering all the passives except for Paws Off, and adding Roll Again and Double or Quits)

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Yes. Permanent, no such thing as a reset function as of yet, so you definitely want to be careful what you choose.

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We've been discussing this very thing for a while on the Eca boards and most of us have come to the conclusion that pouring points into your element is probably not the best use of points. I'd prioritize points for 1 AP, 1 MP, around 200 HP, and the rest in Initiative. What to go for first is up to you, if you are struggling, go for HP, if not, save for the AP and/or MP.

Also, Precision is something you should max out as early as possible, and for an Earth Eca, Tarot would probably be my second stop, all though I am Fire myself and know much more about building a Fire Eca...that said, go for Precision first, lol. Oh, after putting 1 point into Tarot, then max Precision.

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