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[Unofficial] Ecaflip patch notes

By IDCAA - MEMBER - March 01, 2012, 09:32:07

February 29th, 2012

This patch info (if you can call it that,) is just a mark up of what I've been able to distinguish on my own in the short time that I had to play yesturday night. Not much have changed, and Ive only found 1 change, with another im not sure of. If anyone has found any new info that I may have missed or have gotten incorrect, including possible bug fixes, or lack there of!-- post below so we can all have an idea of how the class has changed since the Open beta. Ill add em to the list if there are anymore~

Roll again - No longer adds the 5% cumulative CF(critical failure) chance on all enemies when casted.

(All in's Stun): This one im not sure if it was changed. My mind cant seem to remember if it was more than 2% per AP, or 5% when the God ecaflip card is drawn. I dont think it was 5%. Then again, it might have been, I cant remember...

Recurring bugs: For some reason, there is a chance during battle where certain spells (All in) will not cast on a target. LoS is not blocked, and enough AP is available for use, but it wont allow you to hit the monster with the spell. Ive confirmed that it also affects 1 other class (sacrier) during the open beta phase. It's still here; I dont know what causes it exactly just yet. Watch out for it!

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