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Types of Ecaflips

By Trelkin - MEMBER - February 29, 2012, 20:43:53

At the moment I can't connect to the NOX server and I was curious about what people thought of int ecas compared to str ecas. I've been trying to decide one what to be, and I planned on deciding today but that seems as though it may not be possible. Any thoughts/preferences on your eca, or just thoughts about their skills?

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Fire (INT) Ecaflips revolve heavily around Critical Hits, as their main mechanic (Winning Streak) can give substantial increases its Critical Hit %.

Earth (STR) Ecaflips, as far as I know, are built around the Tarot, and getting various individual and group effects from the Cards.

I am going to be playing a Fire Ecaflip, as I prefer the Dice aesthetic, and the Critical-dependant playstyle.

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