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Earth Ecas ASSEMBLE!! Build talk, etc...

By Aqualad#2072 - MEMBER - February 16, 2012, 00:06:27

Hey guys =) Let's talk builds, etc. Please note, this thread is meant to be a guideline, not a rulebook. Play how you want! If you don't agree with something, or have insight to offer, please post. I will update the guide. Now... on to the good stuff!

earthSpells earth

Heads or Tails: 3ap // 1-3 range
- You damage and enemy and then heal them for less. Both amounts are random. By itself, this skill is so-so... more of a finisher than a staple (if you can kill a mob before it gets the heal, it won't be healed). However, this spell really shines when you get the God Ecaflip tarot! God Eca gives you +3 ap, and it makes every hit of Heads/Tails do double damage. That's awesome!

All In: remaining ap // 2-4 range
- This is a great spell; probably your go-to ability. It has consistent and guaranteed damage, with a 5% chance per AP point to double your powah (50% cap). The more AP you feed this skill, the better damage you'll do. If you use All In with you draw the God Eca tarot, you'll also have a 5% per ap chance to stun (no cap).

Battle: 3ap // 1-4 range
- You have a fixed 67% chance to do damage, and a fixed 33% chance to heal the target for a small amount. This skill is very similar to Heads/Tails. By itself, it's just so-so.. but it really shines with the God Eca tarot! God Eca will heal you for the damage that Battle does. With God Eca, you can cast Battle 3x with default AP, and potentially heal yourself 3 times (if all attacks hit).

All or Nothing: 2ap // 1 range -Basically, you have 50% to deal damage for free, and a 50% chance to waste your turn. This is a nice spell to use when you have 2 ap left. However!!! Like most everything in the Earth Tree, this skill is amazing with the God Eca taort. God Eca makes this spell FREE to cast, with with 4 uses in a turn! So, if you get the God Eca card, use your AP as normal... and finish your turn with as many free All or Nothings as you can =) After you've racked up some AP, you can continue to All or Nothing, or use one of your other skills instead.

Three Cards: 4ap // 1w // 2-4 range
- You damage an enemy, and place 3 cards adjacent to you (in front and to the sides). Stepping on a card will trigger one of 3 effects: give you 1ap, heal your target for a small amount, or lower your targets earth resist (max -25%). Three Cards does do good damage at max (74), but there are some things to consider when leveling this spell... This skill costs 1 wakfu. It's single target. EVERY spot adjacent to you (front and sides) must be empty for the cards to appear. If even one spot is taken, the cards won't show up. If you do not step on a card by the end of your turn, they will vanish.

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I disagree... I think "All In" is the best skill available. It is similar to the Xelor's Temporal Burn, but with a chance to do much more damage (minus the +%DMG from the dial). I, almost consistently, did over 40 damage a turn at lvl 9 with this spell.

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Hmm... the more I play with it, the more I see that you're right. All-in with Double or Nothing is pretty powerful. Still, I think Heads or Tails has the potential for more damage. Ah well =D That's what this thread is for! Edited the 1st post to reflect it.

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Heads or Tails: At level 100 this spell has an average damage of 27. That is pretty low for a 3 AP spell. I mean Rough Tongue is 2 AP and is 30 base damage. This is inexcusably low, Not to mention that unless they changed the mechanic where heals are affected by your earth elemental attack and not the monster's earth resistance this spell is going to end up only being useful for kill shots, the Ecaflip card, and chafers. A 3 AP All-In is almost always going to beat Heads or Tails otherwise.

All-In: o.o This spell was already good in closed beta and they felt like increasing it's damage by 50%. With a maximum potential for -13 HP per AP at lvl 100 I can easily see builds dedicated just to this one spell. My only complaint is that this spell's crit is still pretty worthless at higher AP values especially with the Ecaflip card.

Battle aka Shi-Fu-Miow: Out of all possible combinations of the earth spells we had why did they have to give us both Shi Fu Miow and Heads or Tails. I mean these 2 spells are already pretty similar in function. At level 100 this spells average damage is just under 25 damage for 3 AP. Once again, this is also inexcusably low, especially for a less consistent spell.

All or Nothing: O.O Jabs that you can use up to 4 times a turn for only 2 AP (FREE with the Ecaflip card) that actually gives you AP back if you crit it. Don't get too attached to this spell. This will probably get smacked across the face with the bat at some point. Until then, I'm pretty sure that either All-In with DoQ shenanigans or a range 1 Die Alright + AoN 8 AP build is going to be some of our better damage

3 Card: Already a pretty good spell, they just turned our ranged shaker into destructive arrow. The base damage received a sizable increase though the crit is actually more or less the same as before if you faactor in the loss of critical hit mastery.

td;lr: 2 garbage spells that are in desperate need of a buff and 3 amazing spells.

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All in is by far the best skill in the earth tree. The only annoying thing is it requires you to be 1 distance away. So if you are locked and can't dodge out easily, you should either:

2x heads or tails
feline leap + 1x all in

To be honest, feline leap then 1x all in is still higher damage than 2x heads or tails.

Also, not sure what to make of three cards either... Seems pretty useless, rather save the 1WP for roll again.

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SupersunZeratul|2012-02-16 01:51:13
3 Card: Already a pretty good spell, they just turned our ranged shaker into destructive arrow. The base damage received a sizable increase though the crit is actually more or less the same as before if you faactor in the loss of critical hit mastery.

td;lr: 2 garbage spells that are in desperate need of a buff and 3 amazing spells.

Interesting... I'd love to hear your thoughts on why 3 cards is an amazing spell. As far as I can tell:

- The skill needs line of sight.
- The skill costs 1 wakfu, which takes away from Roll Again.
- The cards always appear adjacent to you.
- The cards vanish after your turn if you don't use them. No +1 ap to teammates? No -xx% earth damage to enemies?
- The God Eca card gives you 1 ap, but it has to be used the same turn. Essentially, it lowers the cost of the skill from 4ap to 3-1ap, at the cost of mp (depending on how many cards you can reach in a turn). But by that point, you spent 1 wakfu, and all of your mp.

What am I overlooking with 3 cards?
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Click on Die Alright and look at its level 100 damage. Now do the same with 3 card.

One of these is 2 AP cheaper then the other.

It's essentially the Ecaflip version of Destructive arrow without the direct line of sight requirements.

74 damage for only 4 AP is ridiculous.

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3 card may be 2 ap cheaper... but is it worth the 1 wakfu vs spending it on Roll Again? How would you use 3 cards?

3 card > pick up stuff (hope you get eca) > all in?

EDIT: I'd also like to point out that ALL the spaces for 3 cards need to be empty for them to appear. Otherwise they don't =c

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It really shines in an 8 AP build. Especially with the crit tarot from behind.

Well, if you use that 1 or 2 WP to use Roll Again and try to draw an Ecaflip card you could do more with Heads or Tails if you draw that card, but I hardly think drawing Ecaflip within your first 2 tries is going to be the norm.

Statistically I think the 3 card will do more damage on average in the long run.

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One more thing I realized about 3 cards... you can only pick up ONE card, so no stacking extra AP.

Lets talk about talents now =D

[ Active ]

Double or Quits:
Adds +5% damage per level on success, for a total of +50%. That's pretty good.

Feline Leap: Unless you're water or water hybrid, there's no reason to level this at all. The free 0 point does the job

Black Bow Meow: Summons bow meows that attack whomever they want (yourself included). Might be useful if you want a bi-polar kitty army... but it does cost 1 wakfu, and requires you to invest in leadership. I think there are better talents.

Roll Again: Draw another card, give you extra damage and enemies critical fail chance. Similar to Double or Quits. You use both skills, so either one could be nice.

Cat Tree: Roots you in place, 50% chance (+1% per winning streak) to heal xx% damage.... or 50% chance to take double damage. I don't think this is a good choice, unless you decide to rack up your winning streak chance.

[ Passives ]

Eca Tarot:
Every Eca should get at least one in Tarot. I think Max Tarot is a given for most earth builds.

Eca Die: If you want to stack winning streak.

Eca Precision: I think all Ecas can make good use of this skill. Does a nice amount of dmg when it procs.

Flealine Army: Probably not the best for pure earth... maybe for hybrid earth / water.

Paws Off: Pushes enemies back, but low proc rate. I'd rather get other things before this.

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So i noticed there isn't the little leaf representing earth DMG next to All-In, so is its DMG not affected by earth%? Sorry if the answer is obvious and i just don't see it.

Also since HP was recently nerfed somewhat, is it now better for the ecaflip to go all elemental or still all HP or perhaps 2 element 1 HP per lvl?

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All-In never had the symbol next to i, but in CB at least it was most definitely earth.

What stat you should be going for depends on your build. Some builds might benefit quite a bit from the crit.

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So I was thinking about Battle, and it's actually not bad when you use it with God Eca card. Think about it. At max, the skill does 40 dmg. God Eca heals you for the damage that Battle does. So... for every 3 ap you have, you could potentially deal 40 dmg to your target WHILE healing yourself for 40 hp.

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All of the earth skills are amazing with the God Ecaflip card.

The issue is more that the 3 AP ones become absolute *** without it which tends to turn earth into depending on the God Ecaflip card about as bad as the old air tree depended on rabies.

That and roulette, the even though they buffed the damage a bit it's still WAY too low. For these spells that have a chance to heal the target instead of doing damage to it, the base damage needs to be quite a bit higher then normal so that the damage can average out closer to the middle.

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wrong heads or tails does 27 ta 44 damage per hit read the tool tip the earth tree is all about gambling at lvl 1 the spell does 3 ta 6 and ive hit 3 4 5 6 with it at lvl 1 it has a random range of damage

it wont allways hit 27 if you get lucky and hit 44 3 times in a row thats alot of damage and even if you heal the max witch is like 13 hp your still doing 31 damage a hit with that skill but it double hits when you get god eca card now thats some amazing damage thats potentially 44 x6 times and +6 hp healed x6 times at its best meaniing

you do heal 36 hp

but you can do 264 damage

thats base damage not counting any increases to damage%

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Heads or Tails is random dmg, but it doesn't heal you with God Eca. Battle is fixed dmg, and it does heal you with God Eca. It will heal you for the exact amount of dmg that you do (with god eca). I just tested it.

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Do I really have to spell out the math? Yes, I know Heads or Tails does -22 to -44 Damage and heals +3 to +9 HP.

Assuming an even distribution you can average the values to find the DoT of the spell over an infinite amount of time.

[44+22-3-9]/2 = 27 damage for 3 AP

This is extremely low for a 3 AP attack. I mean even Wild Grass from a Sadida does more and Sadidas are notorious for having far too low of base damage on their spells, not even mentioning the fact that their spell gives them a chance to inflict -MP as well.

All-In stomps all over this spell which does -39 damage with 3 AP. Keep in mind that the maximum that Heads or Tails can do is 44-3=41. A 3 AP All-In barely loses to the most powerful Heads or Tails you can throw.

I'm speaking from experience here. This spell isn't new. It was in the closed beta about a month and a half ago and I had plenty of experience with it on my level 80+ Ecaflip (had level 60 heads or tails). The only thing new about the spell is the x2 damage from the Ecaflip card. Other then that, along with battle, it's the exact same garbage spell it was back then.

(I actually did the math wrong in my feedback post about Ecaflips below, the above math should be correct)

SupersunZeratul|2012-01-22 13:02:40
Heads or Tails

I'll be blunt, this spell is terrible. The only way this spell actually does respectable damage is with an absurdly high amount of earth elemental damage from behind the target while landing a kill shot.

The root of this matter simply comes from the heal attached to this spell. Due to the nature of how earth damage increases both the heal and the hurt effect of Heads or Tails, but the target's earth resistance only decreases the damage while keeping the heal the same.This essentially means that the spell will never do as much damage as it should unless the monster has 0 resistance or you have so much earth damage that the monsters resistance doesn't really make a dent in it. Other then that though this spell will ALWAYS under perform then what it should be doing. Not to mention that the heal makes this a terrible spell to use with Double or Quits since if you fail you only heal the damage done and the heal from Heads or Tails still remains meaning that you just spent 3 AP to heal the target.

The solution seems pretty simple, just get rid of the heal and rework the damage. Instead at lvl 100 where the spell does -22 to -44 damage and heals 3 to 9 HP, just have the spell do -13 to -41 damage. The only down side to this is Heads or Tails loses the kill shot specialty it has, but I hardly think that's an issue since that probably wasn't a major intended part of the spell anyway.

If the spell does -13 to -41 damage that would give this spell an average damage of 33.5 [27 is the correct number] which...really isn't that good for a 3 AP spell. 11 damage per AP is generally weaker then most 2 AP attacks. A Cra's Blazing Arrow is -34with an extra 15% chance of an extra 27 HP which really makes it an average damage of -37.55 (And this is the spell that Cra's arealready saying is only good for activating their fire beacons). An Iop's Thunderbolt is -43 damage (plus scalded +lvl 21). This is on top of the fact that these 2 classes already get a ton of elemental damage modifiers from their passives. There's no reason that the random spell should be weaker then the consistent spells. Consistency is 99% of the time FAR more desirable then randomness. Randomness has to be naturally a little stronger to compensate.
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I'm new and I'm super confused about how to play my earth Eca.. Is the idea to just use all-in and nothing else? The rest of my earth skills seem to pale in comparison. Should I be using Double or Quits at all (if so, when?)

I like precision, are there any other eca-abilities I need to put my points into asap?

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All-In is certainly going to never be a bad option to use as an earth build. If you have 2-3 left over AP and are close to the monster then All or Nothing is a really good spell as well. 3 card is also another good choice if you have WP to spare especially if you draw the critical tarot since All-In's critical isn't that great.

Heads or Tails and Battle should probably be avoided unless you have the Ecaflip card drawn or you have a ridiculously high crit rate from Dice or something and you don't have spare WP to use 3 card.

As an Earth Ecaflip your first priorities for points is going to be Precision, Tarot, and a few into DoQ (DoQ has diminishing returns so early on I would only grab the 5 point upgrades, you can grab the others later.). I would also consider one point into Paws Off since it gives you a 10% chance of a push back which is 1/3rd of the max level for 1/20th of the max level price.

From there you can put your points into a few different things depending on what type of Ecaflip you want.

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So anyone know what would be a good placement of abilities points or is dumping everything in Hp still a viable method? xD

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