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What earth spells did you get

By mtndew April 21, 2011, 20:01:54
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Regalai|2011-05-09 02:40:34
Hey guys! Just want your [email protected], All In, jackpot, and Roulette. And yeah, roulette does suck, miserably. Should i reroll? 3 of 4 of the skills are good, and i dont want to lose them... BTW, Lottery looks like a great skill! Why is it hated on?

If you didn't reroll already, don't. [email protected], All In, and Jackpot are the best damage spells on average -- Jackpot being the best. [95Dmg at 100 with a chance to do more damage / heal coming to an average of ~98 damage per hit. (95+(27*.3)-(30*.15))]

Lottery looks good on the cover with that nice 100 -- the problem is that since the min is 30, the average damage for the spell ends up at 65 damage. Even the critical is only around 110 damage, whereas the critical on Jackpot is ~145.

Also, for those of you going for All In, consider this:

In order to maximize All In damage, it's necessary to use 10 AP to get the 50% chance at double. With 10 AP this averages to be 120 damage (80+(80*.5)).

Jackpot damage is 95 with a 30% chance to hit for 27 extra and a 15% chance to heal for 30. As I said above, this would be an average of ~98 damage for 6 AP. If you were then to use All In on top of that, thus using the 4 remaining AP the damage would be increased by ~33 damage ((8*4)+(8*.2)). The total damage is then ~131 damage.

So, yeah... stuff.
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I haven't played very much, but so far I've gotten All-In and Jackpot, here's hoping for 2 more good spellsD:

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-Phish-|2011-05-19 04:47:14
[email protected], All In, and Jackpot are the best damage spells on average

Cool, because I got Heads or Tails, Roulette, Shi-Fu-Miaow, 421, and Double or Quits.

Considering I wanted to be a panda chick from the beginning and they're not out yet, I'll just mess around and not care till they're out.
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I rolled 2 characters before I settled on the one I'm using now, which the set up was pretty much what I was looking for anyhow. I got; Roulette, C'raps, All in and Three cards.

I didn't really look into the skills outside of the descriptions on the character page and these were all pretty appealing to me. I actually aimed to get Roulette and I'm kind of bummed that apparently its a terrible skill, but I'm going to roll with it anyway and see how it goes for myself, in the end all that mattered to me was that I got a great variety, as some of these skills do really similar things.

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Heads or Tails, Double or quits, All In, Three Cards, [email protected] - First and only roll
I love 'em all except three cards which is kinda meh, but still decent in some situations.

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On my first and only roll (so far) when Ecaflips first came out I got heads or tails, All In, Jackpot, Lottery, and Double or quits. I basically got most of the skills I was looking forward to using on my first roll. And I even got something I didn't expect I wanted from double or quits.(Not so much the same with lottery as it turned out lol). I never looked back.

I found earth Ecaflips to be really fun because when you won with a spell you WON BIG. So it felt like a very rewarding and fun class to play. I'm talking about old jackpot and lucky lotteries mostly here. Prepatch Earth ecaflips were amazing, and I wanted them to be even more amazing because that would have made this game amazing for me too.

I'm just disappointed that ankama decided to replace funner part of this class, which I'd liken to winning a great prize, with more randomness and fickleness.

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I ended up with all-in, jackpot, cra'ps, and three cards laugh

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Jackpot, All In, Roulette, Three Cards. Seems ok so far, but I'm only around level 20. Also way too lazy to re-roll for hours to not get roulette.

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wish i could choose them instead of randomly getting them
i want All in, all or nothing, craps, and 421,
everyone starts with heads or tails

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Version .307

Some skills got nerfed, some skills cease to be.

So far, I've gotten HoT, ThreeCards, Craps, ShuFuMeow, and All or Nothing.

I use ThreeCards and shuFuMeow, and I rarely use the others. Time to reroll!

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I thought it a lot, best spells are;
all in,
and all or nothing
3cards best damage, good range, used to gave +ap back i hope they will fix it... i was using double at 7ap when it gave+ap back
all in it is a good spell when 1-2-3 ap left it can be double hit
craps good range 2ap cost
all or nothing? there is nothing good for 4. spell so better u get 2ap spell why?
because i lvl each spell, but mainly i go for 3cards, and all in
so when u get 6ap spell in the calculation that spell leech more spell xp in total so better get something 2ap use it one time and 500-1500 spell xp will go for it and you will lvl the spell just for +%earth damage

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All or Nothing is debatable.

Yeah, All or Nothing is functionally a better spell on paper, but it tends to be very situational and such a pain to level that you'll be often wishing you had a higher AP spell in it's place so it isn't such a pain to keep the spell leveled up with your other ones since you earth damage and resistance depends on the average level of your spells.

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Going for Shi-Fu-Miaow, Lottery/[email protected], Three Cards, and All In.

I'm determined to get that combination of skills.
And I'll keep re-rolling until it happens. :l

Edit: Just got Shi-Fu-Miaow, [email protected], Three Cards, and Lottery.

I think I'll just stick with this one. ._.;

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Took quite a few rerolls but finally got this:

All or Nothing

Three Cards


All In

@[email protected]

Now just milling about astrub as a nationless vagrant until sufokia arrives D:

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