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Help me with Ecaflip build

By PastelOwl#1242 - MEMBER - January 27, 2023, 22:31:42
I am working on my Ecaflip and I've been trying to figure out what skills (intelligence, strength, etc all that good stuff) to level up and what spells to use. What are some recommendations you would consider to lv up and use? Or if there are any Ecaflip build Forums out there that would help too!
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I would recommend something that takes advantage from converting feline leap's passive into extra melee mastery. Moreover, you can pull masive heals with fleas and Kitty sinergy. 

You can have plenty of creative range when choosing your burst/sustained dmg build deck. Mainly around whether you like single target or area damage mastery + melee the most.
Edit: sorry, didn't manage to make the imagen work.

No worries, glad I was able to help. I was around 155 back then, whereas i'm closer to 185 right now. I've been going back and forth between water/fire and earth/fire. 

My final decision came to the comp i'm playing with:

Sac (fire + earth)
Elliotrope (water + air)
My friend got sadida, osa, and enutrof.

Meaning, there's more value for me in being a water/fire eca to allow for off-healing and some sizable indirect damage from fleas. Moreover, water skills hit very hard anyway. 

​​​​​​I've decided to forego the Kitty passive in exchange for the, uh, coin one. The one which makes every skill gain 25% damage inflicted or 25% healing inflicted. 

​​​​​​Now my combos are more like:

D-six x2 (for lucky day stacking, meaning elemental and crit mastery, aside from crit chance) 

Scratch (armor gains + resists based on lucky day)

Then resist removal if the enemy will not die. Otherwise, if i'm looking for a burst,:

The one flea skill that costs 4 ap and 1 wp 

This allows for maximum lucky day gains and using the Craps to proc the 25% dmg inflicted for d-six and flea burst.

I'll try and upload a couple of pictures of my stats, items and skills. Glad to see a fellow fleabag enthusiast.

Also, Ty @Mitsuto for the image mini tutorial. Once i'm 200+ i might consider writing a guide, love the class.

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 here is your image:

note: to get images to display on the forum make sure you have the file type at the end, in this case it was .jpg but I have resized it, ( find it by using the 'copy image address' option when right clicking and not just 'copy image' ) 
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whats is a good pet for ecaflip melee?
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Flea love for sure. I hate crocodile.
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