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Ecaflip's Abilities

By Yenon#4023 - MEMBER - September 23, 2022, 21:30:07


It seems that with each level I can put points into abilities in Intelligence, Strength, Agility, Fortune, Major, but there are so many choices that I'm lost and don't know which are the best for Ecaflip. Can someone kindly share with me information about which abilities I should raise for Ecaflip?

Also is it possible to reset abilities later in the game? If yes, then how?

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Hello there,

First of all, you get a free reset at some levels, for example at 30 and 80. If you're a boosted player, then you have free reset at any time until your bonus is up.

Secondly, I'm not sure about what kind of Ecaflip you're playing, but I guess that's Melee/Single Target, the most common one. So:
Int = 10 ele. resist. and rest on %HP
Str = 20 melee, 20 ST and rest on elemental
Agi = all dodge
For = 20 crit %, rest on crit
Major = ap, mp, resist and damage (you choose the last two order)

Hope to help you, cya o/

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cant really go aoe anymore or range... only option is melee st

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Thank you very much, this is very helpful.

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Depends on how you want to build your Eca, do you plan to play more Range or Melee? Versatile or all out dd? or even Survival Eca?

For example, mine is a mix of survivability and relying on  crit to compensate my damage. as survivability is something you need in higer level dungeons, especially 170+ where mechanics of dungeons become more and more complicated.

Here's what i have in my build, and i can last pretty long in fights all the while still doing crazy crit damage.

Int pick: Armor% ( full ), Barrier ( full ), Res ( full ) and the rest in HP.
Str pick: Melee (full), ST (full) and rest to Elemental 
Agi: Force of Will and Init ( Full ) rest to Lock so enemy can't get far from you with the penalty from MP
Fortune: this is where it gets tricky, because almost all of the stats here are very good. but for my case, i went for Block(full) - for more survival and Crit Hit ( full ) and rest to Crit mastery
Major: AP, MP, Damage Inflicted and Res

and as for eq, i try to get as many crit, res and block as possible. 


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Thank you for your input.

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