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Go Crits or go home?

By welovetheavatar#8131 - MEMBER - May 09, 2022, 08:35:05

The Ecaflip class is a brilliant class that has arguably the best revive in the game. I'm willing to state this since the revive lacks a cooldown which excuses poor play from more teammates and isn't as limited in casting range. The cost for this revive? Wakfu points which brings us to our issue.

Is it possible to play Ecaflip and use Wakfu spells effectively without investing in critical hits??fear

It seems to me that an Ecaflip MUST invest in critical hits in order to regenerate Wakfu. Otherwise you will run out of Wakfu faster than an Ougi, but with no way to regenerate it besides relying on critical hits. 

If someone wanted to try a backstab (Hello Up 2 Scratch) or berserker ecaflip (Yes, finally I can put my Nordic Costume to good use pretend I'm a Nordic Beserker) it seems to me, as if that person is further nerfing their Eca due to Wakfu regeneration mechanics. 

So is it possible invest points outside of critical hits and not worry about Wakfu regeneration as an Ecaflip? Or is playing an Ecaflip without critical hits as crazy as a Sram without points invested in backstab?

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I'd argue that playing the luck class without crits is pretty antithetical to the class but honestly crits are pretty crucial on... almost all classes save a few that benefit from not critting. As an ecaflip you have a few pretty good ways to find crit chance in your kit. Clubs, Fleas, Lucky day and the precision passive that gives you wp back all give you extra crit. 
Choosing to opt out of crit forces you to play a resource management game when you enter a fight do you reroll that card or choose to live with it because this turn Isn't that important. Additionally, and I know this is not the most popular idea, Meowtyrdom does restore a WP at the cost of some of your health probably being the negative effect card I honestly don't really hate considering how easily eca can, defend, heal, lifesteal, gain res, or literally luck their way into a heal by rerolling the card they just got a WP from.
Thinking about a critless eca is interesting and I do like the idea of stacking backstab on it, but put simply eca has to use quite a few resources to get behind a target that is locking them either with Feline Leap (2ap-1ap) or UTS (3ap). Later levels allow for more freedom of build easily letting you stack 100% crit with gear and effects as well as getting you the stat line you want on the Cat of all trades. 
I don't think you should sacrifice crit on eca because it's a core part of its current identity. It gains crit it gives crit it benefits from crit. Crits improve its healing its damage and its sustain. I don't think there is any reason for you not to build back stab if that's the path you want to go, Eca can get back pretty easy. Eca has build for almost any play style you are willing to try, I don't know if I'd recommend all of them but I'd recommend that you take at least a little crit wink

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Thanks Solemac! You gave me better perspective on how to build my Eca.

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