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full revamp, not tweaks

By virtualshade#7101 - MEMBER - October 01, 2021, 05:38:08

at this point the 1.73 update doesnt work well together with the 1.72 ecaflips, doesnt feel like anythings working together, everything feels clunky.

  • Spells costing more WP but the regen for WP is only by crit with precision 80, but heres where its clunky again with 1.73, low costing ap spells have a limit use per turn now, so not only do rerolling, buffing, debuffing, summons, spells, -resist spells costing WP which is whatever, but ecas are still using the 1.72 version of regenerating WP but also you limited the spells use per turn so its even harder to regen WP? see what i mean by this feels like it hasnt been well thought out, even you you play the 1.73 ecaflip it feels clunky, doesn't feel smooth and confident like 1.72
  • -resist  , ok zobals also use WP AP to erosion resistance, but when using a mask, but masks last many turns, so the cost of wp ap -resist erosion lasts longer, but ecaflips have to gather luckyday and use wp ap everytime they want to -resist? and also they have the chance of not -resisting anything because they need to get close to 42 lucky day or else its not worth it. doesnt feel well thought out. moving -resist from earth 3cards to now a new neutral spell but its based on luckyday aka fire? clunky and not well planned out again.
  • ranged characters like cra have mobility moves to go over walls, summon beacons and recall beacons, melee characters like iops can jump walls,allies,enemies, plant sword and recall sword, reposition sword, eliotrops can move portals around and recall portals, xelors can place and recall and reposition dial. all these character can do these things, but ecas cant recall or resposition cat tree? or have a way to move over a wall or over an ally or enemy?
  • killed AOE builds for ecas with 1.73, the flexibility and versatility ecas had is gone
  • ecas ansestrial energy build is dead, because wp is so expensive for ecas now.

just revamp this class, because at this point it doesnt feel like a finished class. feels like a beta eca. nothing works well together anymore. nothings synergies' other than battle
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The problem is that the Ecaflip class seems to be being pigeonholed into a single direction: melee or melee single-target. Checking some stuff:

· Area spells: 5/15

  1. Roulette: melee only.
  2. Die Alright: flexible melee or ranged.
  3. Three cards: melee or ranged, limited to lines.
  4. Scratch: virtually melee only (5/7), ranged damage (2/7) with this forces to end right beside the target.
  5. Hunter trap: only the healing uses area, the damage does not.

2 fire, 1 earth, 2 water. 2/5 being effective for melee, 2/5 flexible, and 1/5 strictly for healing if specialized in area builds, which makes area builds not a fine choice.

· Spells that can be used as ranged, but their effects make it better in melee (5/13):
  1. Craps: for emergency pushing, as ranged attack it sucks now.
  2. D-Six: the flamming effect potential, rather than for the 20% chance of x2 damage. However, the spell uses single-target, and the flaming uses area and melee (except for the explosion damage).
  3. Tongue: you won't be using ranged attacks for pulling the enemy beside you.
  4. Fleas: added effect that requires being at 3 cells or less from target. Exception if you have allies in first line, however.
  5. Scratch: again, not using it as ranged for ending beside the target.
  6. Hunter trap: ending beside the enemy after damage usage.

That leave us with ~7-8 effective ranged attacks. 2 fire, 1-2 water (the small fleas), 4 earth.
6/8 ST.
2/8 area.
(75% ST, 25% area)

~7-8/15 spells are best suited for melee: 3 fire, 3-4 water (the small fleas), 1 earth:
· 5/8 ST
· 2/8 area
· 1/8 being a mix of ST and area.

(67.5% ST, 25% area, 12.5% mixed)

The other ~6-7/15 spells can also be used for melee without problems: 2 fire, 1-2 water, 4 earth

Melee builds are much more flexible than area or ranged ones, you can virtually use ANY spell for melee. ST builds benefit most of the used spells and effects. Either you focus on general damage at the expenses of some offensive potential, or you stick to melee and ST in most of cases now.
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The class have been specialize into going melee dmg or MP and crits support. I do really like this design direction?, no. I would like the eca to do a lot of roles and no this specialization.

And, i dont think this specialization do any benefits at all, is just another barrier to play. Do you need distance character? you need to level up other class. Need a normal support? other class.... more work, more grind.

The update fixes the eca, no. It keeps having passives that are hard to use, or useless in many situations, WP is just dry after several turns. Healing options doesnt benefit too much from AL points, you need to go melee healer to buff allies, you cant lower resis bc is too WP consuming.... etc.

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I play a ranged lv.125 Eca and I find it alright. I find some spells might be required for a ranged Eca though and I mentioned them below. Now I focus on a critical hit  as some have mentioned before, as it is our main way of regenerating Wakfu points and lots of spell cost Wakfu points. I also focus on repositioning as well.
Cat Treeneutral             Gives extra range + damage
                                  (may need to take Rough Tonguewater or Crapsfire to reposition it) Taking the Dice                                        passive (the one that gives resistances) makes the tree slightly tankier after using                                    up 2 scratch which allows you to keep the tree longer.
Clover neutral               I like the bonus %critical hit + mp+ also pushes (get those melee mobs off of you)
Up 2 scratchwater    To get out of bad spots (When the melee mob is stabilzed and pushing won't work)
Loaded Dice fire    If you have high willpower ( I do since I feel lock and dodge don't help much)and                                          high lucky daycool you can usually always take 1mp away keeping your enemy from                                    reaching you as quickly.

Anyways these are the spells I usually feel obliged to take for my ranged Eca. For the rest of the spells I believe RogueCat gave a excellent overview of melee/ranged attacks that can be used in addition to these necessary spells I mentioned for the ranged Eca.


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What I like abou eca is that it supports builds for varied playstyles even within various elemental combinations

Water fire
-tanky with up to scratch gaining resisances from lucky day and flaming with d6
-melee support with fleas while positioning with craps and slowing them with loaded dice, healing allies with rough tongue and pulling them out of lock and buffing them with roulette
-super mobile by comboing hunter into craps to basically teleport to any enemy you are in line with

Earth fire
-tanky brawler with lifesteal on earth and melee AoE with fire and earth for big damage that doesn't hurt allies
-ranged ST damage dealer with heavy damage spells from earth and fire
-debuffer with loaded dice and all in

Earth water
-ranged support, healing and buffing allies with fleas and cards
-melee tank, healing yourself and lifestealing with earth and bouncing fleas off of your allies or cat to keep healthy, pulling enemies to you with tongue or dashing to them with scratch

But yeah their WP regen sucks, can't wait for a full rework so they get an actual innate passive to regen WP instead of basically a mandatory passive

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If I were to suggest some changes to Eca, here's what I want : 

- Swap Roulette to Water line
- Swap Up to Scratch to Fire line
- Swap Hunter to Earth line.

Why : 
- Up to Scratch to Fire will compliment Lucky Day better and facilitate its building along with the passive. 
- Roulette to Water will further empower Water builds to heal, as well as give it a good consistent DPA skill which they can spam even when surrounded with allies as it not only heals them with Trance, but gives FD. 
- Hunter with Earth would be excellent for chasing and Earth does enjoy being in melee more due to passives like Paws Off and Feline Grace empowering Melee ranged combat. 

This will also make : 
Earth - Water : very strong at melee damage with Roulette now part of your arsenal 
Fire - Earth : very beefy and can consistently build their Lucky Day as well as improved stickiness
Fire - Water : Can become tanky with Up to Scratch while staying in the middle of the fights, using Trance Roulette to buff, heal and damage all at once. (literally become a better Fire Masq)


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each element has its role in every class. fires generally dmg, waters support , earths dmg defense, air is positioning , obviously some classes have a few mix and matching.

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So Eca gained like 5 different defensive support abilities and I appreciate 0 of them.
I did not and do not want to use my AP to give MP to an ally, it's inefficient and boring.

I wish we didn't give crit so dry, I think Fleas  or winstreak are more interesting mechanic for it, not a spell.

I like that -resist is no longer tied to a damage ability(This works against us for some dungeon mechanics). I dislike DoQ costing both AP and WP, It's not attractive, is less efficient that every other classes output and is taxing on our turn to turn AP output.

I came to the conclusion that my main problem was that our offensive abilities were removed and defensive ones were added. It's simply not what I wanted from Eca, Not how I played Eca, and not how I saw Eca. I did not want defensive tools on Eca. It bothers me a lot.

Any rebalance upcoming, please stop adding defensive tools or utility tools. This simply isn't the class for it. Even our heals are pro-active in nature. I feel like I'm using abilities because I have no other options instead of having an array of choice.

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If I wanted to play a healer and buffing class, I would've not picked an Ecaflip. The Ecaflip felt like a class that is versatile, but also very fragile at the same time. They can deal and heal damage well, but they can't take much themselves either. Giving a risk versus reward sort of deal with the class, if they should prioritize damage or support. A Jack of All Trades (no pun intended) and a master of none.

But just having their attacks cost more than they already do and giving them more buff and healing abilities when they already were effective with what they got, was just unneeded and even some of the tweaks are just bad. Just why remove the resistance debuff on Three Cards? It was a costly spell, meaning you had to think what spell you should cast afterwards and the effect only lasted one turn at best and also, didn't stack.

To make it worse, it's already more near impossible to solo as an Ecaflip now. It's so boring and irritating that the Ecaflip is like this now and I busted several fingers and toes just leveling mine up.

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