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Trying to decide on Earth damage dealer

By xenosaga2#9236 - MEMBER - August 05, 2021, 17:20:10

So like the title says I'm trying to decide on an earth damage dealer. I'm currently in a 3 way tie between Eca, Fogger, Hopper. I've been told that Ouginks are good as well but I'm not sure which to pick. What are your guys thoughts. Also I don't need any kinda of support or movement just which one can dish out the highest dpt.

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From my experience I would recommend Cra. Hupper doesn't really use earth for damage as much as the other elements, the earth skills are mainly for sustain. Fogger can do some decent earth damage, but I don't think It would be the highest out of all of your choices. Eca I don't know much about so I can't say much here, but since this class is based entirely on luck it would probably be better to go for a more stable class. Ouginak earth damage is ok, less than their water damage tho. The reason I recommended Cra is because of the big earth arrow it has. I haven't played cra and I don't know their full skill set but, the amount of damage I have seen cra's do with their riddled stacking and earth arrow combo makes me think that it would be a good choice. And you also get the added bonus of being across the entire field from your opponent.

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enutrofs have the highest earth damage i can think of, but since it's not a option here, huppermages are like a sandbox class, you can make your earth mastery higher than others so Light Arrow and Light Sword will deal excelent earth damage, it's even better in higher levels and have so many options of building making you free to play the way you want.

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Melee fogs are good Earth, Cras for ranged Earth.

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