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Tarotless Ecaflip.

By YasaiTsume#3813 - MEMBER - February 26, 2021, 14:39:59

I've been experimenting with Ecaflip, and tried running a Tarotless build. 

Though I do miss the occasional benefits, I absolutely enjoy not being shafted by negative cards at crucial moments. 

Would like to inquire if anyone else has tried Tarotless Eca before.

By the way, the build I'm running is a Tri-Eca focused on Tanking-Healing-Sub DD. 

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my gut instinct reaction to this post is that tarotless eca is blasphemy, but then mulling it over a little more, ecaflips are loaded with great passives and eliminating tarot frees up deck space for some of the other serious competition.

i think this is one of those ideas that i'm going to have a play around with. thanks for the inspiration!

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My current build isn't focused on damage, rather it's a Tank-hybrid with damage and healing capability. 

I threw out Tarot in order to use "Heads I win, Tails you lose", which gives me all benefits for the same randomness usually achieved from Tarot. 

Honestly, I feel like Tarot should be already baked into Ecaflip if they put Roll Again into their deck. 

After all, Roll Again's uses are significantly neutered when not running Tarot, and can be used to reroll a "bad" Lucky Day or Revive an ally. 

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It might work out for you but I don't see the charm of playing a gambling class without the gambling part.

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