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Questions about cat class

By mathewthegreat - MEMBER - June 02, 2020, 21:49:09

1 how is ecaflip's damage, is it good?
2 is eca viable in endgame dungeons? 
3 is it good in pvp? 

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ecaflip dmg can be good yes .

is eca viable for endgame dungeon . i mean its not like theres a rule that will stop u from bringing it anyway . i play with multiple ecafriends in late game and its pretty useful . the thing is eca being a generalist class isnt very popular cause people prefer taking specialised classes to dungeons each playing the role they excell at 

it is very good in pvp  . very simple and easy to get to yet have a lot of room of creativity in gameplay .

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One of Eca's biggest strengths is how versatile it can be. While it may not be the top class in each role, it can still be a viable damage dealer, and healer. 
I've seen people successfully using it as an off-healer for endgame dungeons. So they dealt damage, and healed when needed.

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