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Are Ecaflips good?

By Dokaro - MEMBER - January 22, 2019, 17:45:53

So I decided to revive my very first Wakfu character, level 12, and brought him up to level 71. The issue is that I've been following multiple guides, have good equipment, everything, but have been doing a shockingly low amount of damage, compared to any of my other characters. Is this normal, or am I just really bad at this?

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From my personal experience, the main strength of ecaflip is their versatility. So it is ok that their damage is not the top of the top. Still they can do good damage with melee builds in all levels or with full critical builds in high levels, I believe. (Additionally there is the brutality Eca build (brutality rune give additional power to melee+AoE builds), which reduces the versatility of eca to a minimum for really good AoE/melee damage.

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Ecaflips have many paths for damage:

You can go all bruteforce with earth All or Nothing doing massive damage to enemy and partly to yourself too. Or using artillery attacks with earth Three Cards from safe distance.

Or go defensively intead with fleas and self-armor in the water water branch.

The fire fire branch is more random, but it can do decent damage too, if you score the right amounts with the dice.

Everything else is relaying on the damage passives and using them with high AP spells when the right time comes.

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Depends a lot if you want to do pvp or pve. In pve the ecafilip start to shine after lv 115/120 when the passive for the critical mastery level up: you can deal a really good quantity of damage with the fire spells and manage to well use your lucky point to increment all the damage, specially the earth damages (higher base damage).
Also if you’re lucky the Dsix can do double of the damage.
If you create a build like 12-6 with at least 60ish critical hits and 180+ critical mastery, you can do a really good damaging to the monsters.
If you to practics pvp it’s better see videos and or ask to people who play ecaflip on bf

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