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Genn's Build Options: Allround-Trielemental Ecaflip

By Enceladon - MEMBER - September 12, 2018, 11:44:45
Updated on September 2020

Update (2nd November 2019): Hi, I decided to discontinue the gear suggestion on this build. With the 1.64 and 1.65 Update (Enchantment), a lot of new gear appeared and possibilities for gearing got created, so I don't see the possibility, to offer a really good gear suggestion, that won't create a lot of disagreeing. I still will describe what you should look for in gear.

A) Introduction

A friendly welcome to my build-guide “Allround-Trielemental Ecaflip“.

This build is specifically for 200, because it offers gear options which you don't have on lower levels and achieve specific objectives I will tell later.

Some warnings:
- My build isn't a pure damage build (and I will never try to achieve that, so maximum damage or maximizing mastery with disadvantages isn't relevant for me) instead a damage/off-healing high sustain build extremly focused on having the option to use everything that Ecaflip has in his kit, to be able to change what I need before the fight starts or sometimes, while the fight already is in progress.
- This build highly uses fleas, so if you don't like the icky little friends, maybe it is not something for you.
-This won't be a full Ecaflip guide, because it revolves around this specific build and it's playstyle.
- This build needs two specific relic/epic runes to work that way, I describe it: Unraveling Epic Rune and Alternation Relic Rune

So let's start!
B ) Gear

I wanted to create a build for my Ecaflip that isn't restricted by secondary masteries like melee, distance, single target and area, so I build my Ecaflip around having high critical chance and a good amount of elemental and critical mastery. But this has a high disadvantage for my fleaheals, which I wanted to optimize too, because this fleas can't crit on the heals, so I decided to take the Unraveling Epic Rune which converts 50% of critical mastery into elemental mastery. Now that achieved a high amount of elemental mastery in my build and combined with the lucky day buff (with Ecaflip Die passive) that offers elemental and critical mastery, my elemental mastery even rises in fight, so I decided to go for Alternation Relic Rune (If the bearer only uses one element to deal damage during the turn, then they receive 15% to their other 3 elements on the following turn.), which only improves elemental mastery , because of this and a nice interaction with fleas I will tell later in the gameplay section.

(Update) If you are not liking Unraveling epic rune that much, but still want good heals with that build, you can exchange the amulet with a non-range crit amulet and take Surgical precision rune. This rune will give you similar heal on the fleas, a bit more heal on Head or Tails and a bit more armor with Up to Scratch, but one less range can reduce your options sometimes.

Besides this core, I went for gear with good resistance, because high critical hits gear usually tend to have not that good resistances. Moreover my build is an allrounder build so I have 2 range to expand my skills and 3 control for a cat tree and up to 2 bow meows or 3 bow meows. 3 control is optional, but 2 is good to have for flexibility. I just love it, if I have the chance to summon 2 bow meows at the same time. I chose gear with high critical chance to expand critical hit chance to 79%, so I have with approximaltey 50 stacks of "Positive Fleeflees" and 20 Lucky Day 100% critical hit chance or with 98 stacks of "Positive Fleeflees" and a small amount of Lucky Day 100% critical hits. Going that much into critical hit chance is just for giving me the possibility to plan with the "Ecaflips Precision" passive and to always have full use of my critical hits.

With the introduction of the Influence and Influence II sublimation, the crit chance at start of combat can be lower. I think 60-65% critical hit with  the Influence II sublimation at start of combat is a good choice. This way you will hit 100% critical hit every turn at some point, but still have high critical hit at start.
I want to suggest one specific item, the Razor Tooth weapon because it offers a lot of elemental mastery, which is good for my flea heals, with the drawback of -300 rear mastery, which don't affect my flea heals. Besides that it has a good amount o critical hits, but offers valuable dodge and good resistances.

Interesting Sublimations for this build can be Evasion II for some extra durability with time or the Solidity sublimation, if you fight really damaging enemies. The visibility sublimation is an option, to reach the 2 range I would warmly suggest you. To increase damage, the Ambush II sublimation looks promising.

When you decide for double slots in enchantment, you probably want to take critical mastery on weapon and eppaulettes. Additionally water resistance on the breastplate, fire resistance on the belt, air resistance on the cape and earth resistance on the boots.

Despite me not really wanting to make a gear suggestion anymore, I thought I add some in fight stats of my currently planned Ecaflip, to show how the mastery can ramp up with this build. (This stats are full enchanted and additionally Influence II sublimation; no other sublimation included.)
C) Skillpoints

Intelligence: 40 points in Health Points, 10 points in Elemental Resistance, optional: some points into Barrier instead of Health Points
Strength: 50 points in Elemental Mastery ( I want to be an allrounder)
Agility: 50 points in Dodge or 20 points Initiative+30 Points Dodge
Fortune: 20 points in Critical Hit, 30 Points in Critical Mastery
Major: AP, MP, Damage Inflicted and Elemental Resistance

D) Spelldeck
Let us go fast through the spells and I tell, why I chose them.

Elemental Spells:
Craps: high range, Lucky Day generation and having the option to push (great to have for every Ecaflip)
Head or Tails: a good heal with Trance passive, if you need to heal an ally/several allies directly or you need a burst heal on yourself
D-Six: really nice damage spell, which give a good amount of Lucky Day, can randomly hit twice and even generate a ton of Flaming as extra damage
Fleahopper: my loved selfbuff for preparing "Precise Hit", extreme selfheals (sometimes good spreading group heal) and improving my critical hit chance, besides that it offers bonus MP with Flealine Army Passive and can be used to attack enemies with a big water weakness
Up to Scratch: jump spell with a nice armor generation and a resistance+lock buff for every Lucky Day, if we use Ecaflip Die passive. This way it offers some nice tools to create killer bow meows with alternation buffed damage and high resistances too.
Die Alright: nice damage, nice AoE, Lucky Day generation
Three Cards: -resistance, high range, non-LoS spell in AoE with ok damage (impressive)
All In: do you need a nuke for consuming "Precise Hit" or just want to use your last remaining AP useful, this spell is there for it
(Update) Roulette: a nice addition to buff, heal and do damage (even at the same time, I often prefer this over Feline Leap in this build

Active spells:
Bow meow: sometimes great power, can bounce fleas back to you, sometimes pretty bad AI
Feline Leap: nice jump for a low cost and can buff MP with Graceful Feline passive
Cat Tree: Emergency strategy to survive
Roll Again: ok revive and controlling Ecaflip's Tarot (and Lucky Day)

Under this spells, the most exchangeable in my opinion are Die Alright, Bow Meow and Cat Tree. Feel free to use another awesome spell of Ecaflips kit, if you can improveit.

Ecaflip Precision and Ecaflip Die are both really self-explaining, you definitely understand their use, when we are in the gameplay section. Trance passive boosts our heal and make Head or Tails a good heal spell. Ecaflip Tarot offers good final damage on positive cards and with the option to exchange cards once per turn with Roll again, the chance to end on a bad card is not that high. Besides that there are some really useful buffs in it too. Flealine Army is a part of the core of this build, because the high sustain with increased flea heals and the controlled critical hit chance are mainly from having a lot of fleas around. Graceful Feline expand our mobility with cheaper Feline Leaps, set our lock on our dodge value (which is not bad in this build) and additionally offers 200 melee mastery.
If you want to change a passive for one of the other good passives, I think Ecaflip Tarot and Graceful Feline are the best to replace.
(Update) if you don't use Feline Leap, I would suggest to replace Graceful Feline with Heads, I win; tails, you lose! maybe, but keep in mind, that selfcasting fleas on yourself will remove the current effect of this passive and don't give another effect for next cast, so this maybe will force you to not cast fleas on yourself to do better damage. (With the Influence II sublimation, casting fleas can get less mandatory in longer combat, so you will use fleas in the first turns to reach 100% crit and later don't use it anymore, because Influence II will cap you on 100%.)

 E) Gameplay

To fully use the alternation rune, we will alternate from Fire to Earth turns and back (and maybe occassionally use a Fleahopper spam on water weak targets or use a turn for healing allies). Because of Fleahopper selfcasting isn't damage, we can use this water spell in Fire or Earth turns without breaking the effect of alternation Rune and because of that, we have water mastery always buffed from alternation rune, so the fleaheal is always increased.

So lets start a hypothetical battle.
We start with a fire turn to start the Lucky Day cycle. You can just attack with all fire spells or use one or two times Fleahopper on yourself to expand your critical hit chance, but this is mainly useful in a starting turn, if you already got hit hard.
Next turn you can use Earth spells like Three Cards or All-In to use the buffed earth mastery. Summoning Bow Meow/Cat Tree, healing with Head or Tails are options too.
If you already have 60 or 80 Ecaflip Precision, it can be an option to use one or two times Fleahopper on yourself to boost your critical hit chance to 100% and getting the Precise Hit buff and then use a maximum powered All In for a huge damage spike. You then can repeat or use something else to get again in the cycle.

Well, that is the whole concept. You try to maintain alternation boost while don't lose the advantages of lucky day if possible and permanently selfhealing a bit and boosting your power to have maximum use of Precise Hit, high critical hit chance and all the options to heal and damage. Maintaining alternation isn't always needed, because a good timed nuke can sometimes be worth more than a boost for next turn.

F) Last words

 Thank you for reading. Even if you don't think about making such an Ecaflip, I hope I could show you an interesting build option for Ecaflip or give you some ideas to make an a lot better build than my allround-Ecaflip. (This build is created to fit my playstyle the most, so I am happy, if you find a build that fit you too the most, even if this isn't my build.) If you have questions, I will try to answer them (if I missed a really important question, I try to add it to the main post).

Have a nice day.
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Great build, I'm also building a Pandawa build a little like this one, but based on AoE damage and heals.

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Thanks for taking your time and write this guide, I love this build's concept mainly because fleas should receive more love.

I'll try it. I might tweak it a bit in the end, to fit my taste. 


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thank you, your guide is very helpful. I've marked it as my favorite guide smile
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Nicely done wink

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Thanks huh I still have to update it for the enchantment system, but the basic concepts will stay.

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Is the Eca better as a Tri or Duo Element at end game?

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I find Tri to be better but to each their own tongue

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Can you give me what items I need to buy for lvl 170 and 185 please? thank you nice build btw 

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I am sorry, I can't really help you on that, because this build doesn't really work on lower levels than 200, because of less available critical hit%. Besides that, you probably wouldn't use epic and relic runes for gear you want to change later. You maybe can create something similar at 170 or 185, but it will probably work less efficient than on 200.

By the way, this build is semi-outdated because of enchantment update on the gear and enchantment part, I am still adjusting my build to new conditions. If I have everything planned and halfway done, I will update this guide.

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Any suggestions for relic/epic?

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About "Graceful Feline" ( set our lock on our dodge value) ... does all of your dodge value go into block? ... the passive don't explain the percentage, is 100% ?

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Graceful Feline makes your lock (not block) being equal to your dodge.
For example if you have 300 lock and 500 dodge, you will have with graceful feline 500 lock and 500 dodge. If you have lower dodge than lock, it can even lower your lock. So 700 lock and 500 dodge would be with the passive 500 lock and 500 dodge.
Basically the passive overwrite your lock with your exact dodge value.


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