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Eca melee endgame?

By LarryKubiak - MEMBER - September 12, 2017, 06:20:16

Do you think a eca melee is a good char at endgame (moon 2, zinit, ogrest)?


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in the old endgame content,which is moon,melee classes were greatly disregarded due to the anti-cc boss mechanics,ecaflip among them wasn't sparred,i mention to thiis content because its the highest level free to play content

but in the current ziinit content ecaflip is equally as good as most other classes whiile having the advantage to serve either as a dd,a debuffer,an emergency healer,or even a reviver for the worst case all on the same build,making it very flexible according to the situations

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I'm not sure, if melee Eca is really a good plan for endgame content. It is viable, but you are forcing yourself a lot in a not needed gameplay (melee often force you to use AP to come near a target), single target or crit/critical mastery builds have more variety and are less situational.

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Melee eca is very viable, In fact I'd argue it's the best version of eca. All of the best eca's on nox are CC, there is a reason for that.

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