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Eca in Tormentor Pit

By bogpod1#2309 - MEMBER - August 02, 2016, 16:12:51
I'm thinking of adding my eca hero to my Tormentor team and I must admit I don't know the class very well. I've got the level 80 restat to use, which I'll probably do around level 110.

What are your favourite builds and strategies for eca in Torm?
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For Tormentor alone:

- Using earth Three Cards while he is in phase change and can't take damage. Debuffing him is one of the best choices in that moment.

- Bringing earth Head or Tails in battle for "attacking" allies for healing. As a meleer, I NEED this one for healing allies there without debuffing them. For long-range Ecaflips, this is not mandatory, other skills can do the job too.

- Bringing Mastery of Weapons with the best weapon you can get for your level. Be sure to optimally use ALL your APs for that turn attack, or wait until you get the Ecaflip God card or Battle Bonus (or both) for those +2 APs, so you can get the max of it in your turn. No hurries, just activate and forget until the right time comes. Beware with phase changes, as they will nullify your damage and make it a wasted usage of that skill.

- Using water Scratch for the massive armor boost if you happen to remain in front line most of times. Meleers mainly.
- Bringing fire Craps and water Tongue for moving allies or Tormentor in emergencies.

- Bringing Roll Again for mandatory Tarot card rerolls, and reviving fallen allies.

And I guess I'm not forgetting anything.
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Thank you so much for the advice; I've been using it for my eca in my lvl 125 Tormentor team.

I went with a melee build, but I'm not sure I'll keep my eca that way. He parties w a CC iop and a Protoflex, both good tanks. It seems like long-range ST eca would be most useful for my team. Eca's the most versatile class, so it's really hard to decide how to specialize for max damage.
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