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How to become King of Games (Earth/Fire Ecaflip Guide) OUTDATED

By Fleisch - MEMBER - July 25, 2015, 06:14:19
How to become King of Games (Earth/Fire Ecaflip Guide)


When you're a god, even the roll of a die is predictable! But for the mere mortals who circle the blackjack tables of the material world hungrily, there is no such luck. And here, it is the Ecaflips who rule over crook, thief, and gold-rusher, playing lady luck with supreme skill and recklessness.

They are used to gambling on chance. In battle, you'll never know if the next blow coming from the enemy with the catty head will knock your socks off or leave you untouched... they collect game cards and have made fearsome weapons out of them, leaving the swords of the past to other fighters. They might even read your future in these cards... but if they're lucky, you might not want to know what it is!

Ecaflips are compulsive warrior-gamblers who jump headlong into risky situations just for the thrill of it! Oh, and contrary to what you might have heard, they don’t always land on their feet… Not that they care, as long as the adrenaline keeps pumping! So, ready to up the ante?


Hoi there fellow Ecaflips, as the title already implies this is the attempt of a noob trying his luck at making a simple guide for other noobs so you do not feel too lost after this very impacting Deck revamp. Also kudos on choosing the path of Earth/Fire which i personally consider the best/more fun kind of Ecaflip. I mean seriously, Water Branch? Fleas? Huehue i am not saying the water branch is worse than the other 2, au contraire! But come on! Who needs lame weapons such as swords or bows if you can defeat your opponents by playing a childrens card game throwing cards and dices at them!? Rule of cool baby,it doesn’t matter how you fight, but how good you look at doing it. And Ecaflips are the class that shines at this aspect.

The new deck revamp has made us undoubtedly stronger (although i think that this goes to all classes that were not yet revamped). In the case of Earth/Fire our damage has greatly increased, the fire branch raises our critical hit and damage potential while the earth branch excels at using the crits to further destroy our enemies.I believe that both elements can be used very well together. One could argue that it isn’t very smart to just use the 2 more damage oriented Elements of a class, especially as Water might seem like a better choice, giving the Ecaflip a more supporting/Jack of all stats role.

But holey snap I do not see this problem at all. While Fire remains THE ecaflip element (srsly how do Earth/Water Ecas even live), Earth has become my personal favorite after the revamp, giving us some amazing CC power with AoN as well as possible Life steal. Oh and using a certain passive you can even HEAL and revive others with Roll again. As you can see we are full of options and truly a force to be reckoned with. We also look fabulous, hue.


Resistances to+10
Dump the rest into %HP.
*I’m not a fan of either barrier and while armor can be nice, i do prefer dumping all my points in health points. Not only does it look more impressive, while you can only see your armor during a fight,but it also increases the durability of both your bow meow and your cat tree. Well ain’t that fancy.

Single Target damage to +20
Damage to+24


Damage to +44

This on is tricky and depends on both the spells you actually use and your own personal preference.To be honest, i think it is better to stat into single target as either way 8 out of your 10 spells benefit from it. I personally derped tho and put it all in damage cause i like big numbers and i definitely don't want All Die to be weaker.

Dodge and/or Initiative
*Initiative is not really that important in PvE so if you don’t feel like spending points in it, that’s ok. Dodge isn’t that important either tbh. Ecaflips pride themselves on both a cheap 1 AP jump and a 2 AP push. However raising your dodge can also increase your lock using the Graceful Feline Passive, which can be useful in some cases. I wonder if AP and MP resistance is of any use in PvP so you better be wary of that one.

Critical Hits to +20
Rest into Critical Hit Damage

We Ecaflips adore Crits. Some people might think that putting points into Block would be nice as we can easily reach 50 Block with Paws Off. But seriously, we want more dakka, so damage it is! .....fine you can also take block you nerd :U.


At lv25, +1 to Action Points
At lv75, +1 to Range and Damage
At lv125, +1 to Movement Points and Damage
At lv175, +1 to Final Damage

This is my prefered combination, however Range and Final Dmg are debatable, as you may or may not already have enough range from you gear/for your own playstyle and instead of final dmg you can rather focus on more endurance by choosing final resist.


Fire Branch

Cost: 2 AP
Range: 1-5
Conditions: 4 uses per target
A must for us. It’s our spell with the best overall range, cheap and it can even push enemies on line. You can also use it to generate few levels of Lucky day

Loaded Dice
Cost: 3 AP
Range: 1-3
Conditions: N/A
It isn’t that great when compared to other Fire Spells. But the MP reduction can be quite useful if you are trying to kite someone and also using Craps to push him away. Tbh i DO have it in my deck but i do not use it very often, it IS a solid spell tho. Use this OR roulette.
Rating: ★★★/★★★★★

Cost: 4 AP
Range: 1-3
Conditions: N/A
Sadly it does’t go on forever but if you’re lucky and roll a 6 you deal alot more dmg. It also generates a good amount of Lucky Day and even puts us in the Flaming state should we want to scare someone away. A must-have

Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

Dice Roulette

Cost: 5 AP
Range: 0
Conditions: N/A
I don’t like this spell and it is the one i dont ever use. However that is merely a personal opinion as i think that Roulette is better suited for Fire/Water Ecas. You might want to consider it if you choose Trance as your passive to be a secondary healer and the boost to allies is not to be overlooked.
Rating: ★★★/★★★★★

Die Alright
Cost: 6 AP 1 WP
Range: 1-3 (Linear)
Conditions: N/A
Mwahaha our super special awesome fire spell finisher! You gotta love this spell even i fit lost it’s no LOS advantage. It being technically an AOE that rebounds on nearby enemies can be seen as both good (as it deals even more dmg this way) and bad (it is the ONLY reason i did NOT stat into single target). In any case you want to use this spell, especially if you have high Crit Chance!
Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

Earth Branch

Heads or Tails
Cost: 3 AP
Range: 1-4
Conditions: N/A
You either love or absolutely detest this spell. Sure it definitely isn’t as fancy as Battle, All In or AON. Butbutbutbut that doesn’t make it a bad spell at all! And god help us if you use Trance, you can outright heal allies and yourself very well! Especially if you have a high Crit chance due t Lucky Day. Definitely worth a try! Funny tho, here i am praising it and yet i decided to only lvl it to 150 after the newest revamp :C

Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★

All In

Cost: 2 AP 1 MP
Range: 1-1
Conditions: N/A
If you feel lazy just spam this spell and everything will be a ok! Just kidding, but All In is probably the best spare AP waster in the game and so flexible. And someone call the ambulance if you use it with 10 AP and high damage bonuses, it WILL hurt. O did i mention that it has a small chance to steal AP of an enemy?

Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

Cost: 4 AP
Range: 1-3)
Conditions: N/A
Battle might very well be my most used spell.It deals nice dmg, the range is good and it has a chance to decrease the enemies resistance. It’s the whole package baby! If you didn’t take this spell you’re doing something wrong!
Rating: ★★★★★/★★★★★

All or Nothing
Cost: 2 AP
Range: 1-2 (Linear)
Conditions: 3 uses per target
Some may not like this spell alot for its bad bad range. But you cannot deny the beauty that is AON. Sure, if you’re unlucky you damage yourself. But when you look at the possible damage output it is worth every penny! If you want to be a ranged eca that stated into ranged damage and all, you might not want to take it, every one else you HAVE to use it!
Rating: ★★★★/★★★★★

Three Cards
Cost: 5 AP 1 WP
Range: 2-4
Conditions: N/A
Commentary: Again a contradiction of mine. I don't like current 3 Cards. Even HoT looks more promising than this mes. Sure itis our only Spell that doesn’t need LOS. And Sure it is supposed to be great in PvP against Armor users. And sure it can deal AOE in a line. But apart from all that is is really mediocre for a spell that costs WP, especially it’s base damage is quite disappointing. Now i don’t want to say that it is bad, i would have not taken it otherwise (tho if i had to replace an earth spell it would be this one). And hey! The animation looks nice. It’s something

Rating: ★★★/★★★★★


also keep your PvP rants elsewhere, thank you :3
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I'm so happy this guide exists and as a lover of ecaflip I will try this out ASAP! Thank you for posting this and posting tips as well; I learned a lot from this guide. I love you man and your awesome gifs!

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If you prefer survability.. i recomend taking resist instead of final damage (since you can buff it with Double or Quits or tarrot. Also a lot of classes can now buff final damage, so if you are going full dodge its somehow better.

Also if you are planing to tank from time to time its good to have it. (you have to take dodge and rock talent)

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If you put the tree in a corner you cant get pushed... Thankfully there are not many corners any more as that makes the Eca immortal as long as he uses hunter to heal self+the tree.

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Specialty Skills

Double or Quits

Commentary: I…don’t use it. I find the other specialties far more advantageous and cannot seem to drop another spell for this one. I also hear a lot of complain from old Eca players who much rather want their old DoQ back.O and do not ever under any circumstances use this on a boss! If you wanna feel the thrill of possibly even more damage take it, it might even be better than how i badmouth it.

Feline Leap

Commentary: Good ol Feline Leap, here to save the day! It’s too bad that it does’t give any damage bonus, but i guess that is too much asking for the chance to dodge anything for up to only 1 AP. Downside is that we can only leap a cell, not jump over stuff or teleport. Which means that we can be trapped in corners if we do not watch out QQ.

Black Bow Meow

Cooldown: 2
Commentary: Remember how bad and useless this guy used to be? No more of that! It can actually deal a neat amount of damage and reduce an enemies crit chance! But it is best paired with Paws Off to be able to get health back or damage bonus i fit dies. For just 2 AP, this is a guy you want to summon whenever possible.

Roll Again

Ah, did you have bad luck with Tarot Cards? Maybe wanna try to draw God Ecaflip to turn the tides? Or just get a small amount of Lucky Day. Then this is the right spell for ya! And if you’re lucky you get your used WP back, so essentially you get another chance for free. But that ain’t all! You can now revive Allies with it, that is just crazey useful.It doesn’t have the best range tho so be cautious.

Cat Tree

Cooldown: 5
This is a nice specialty. Standing next to it increases both damage and heals by 15% and ending with your back turned to it makes you jump on it, making you invulnerable as long as you stand on it, the tree is not destroyed…or you get pushed down. Which will happen, you WILL get pushed down. I always get pushed down :@. Ahem, anyway, Cat tree remains a good Spell when the situation calls for it, i kinda miss the old mechanic tho (and i wished it would make you stabilized QQ)

Passive Skills

Ecaflip‘s Tarot
Lovely Passive, and as an Ecaflip you just gotta love the whole card theme .And god is it satisfying to draw a God Ecaflip to finish of a fight you deemed lost. …….I don't use it atm :C. The thing is, while Tarot IS amazing, when you compare it with other Passives it just falls flat. While others give you a definite bonus, Tarot is way more risky and you only get a dmg increase IF you draw a positive Card, choosing a passive like carnage is much more reliable if you want to DD. Sigh, but i promise you Tarot i WILL choose you as last passive. QQ

Ecaflip Die
A must have for all Ecas! Every level of Lucky Day increases both your damage and critical hit damage, it’s just too beautiful for simple words. No, seriously there isn’t much to say other than TAKE IT.

Oh but if we are already at it, Lucky Day is a state that goes from 0 to 42,both a new turn as well as fire spells/roll again increase said number. The higher the number the higher our crit chance, crit damage and overall damage. Should you be lucky enough to reach exactly 42 you will get a 4 AP bonus! Should it go over 42, the number will reset to 0.

Ecaflip Precision
Another must have for all Ecas! +10% Critical Hits, damn! But that’s not all! This is THE passive for ecas to regain WP! To make it simple for you guys, after 5 crits you regain a WP, that's it. Oh and when you do, you also deal 50% more dmg with the next critical hit!

As i already mentioned, this passive is a great combo with your black bow meow. Whenever one is in play you steal 25% of all the damage you inflicted on ANYTHING. That's 1st class life steal right there! And a dead bow meow gives you +25% final damage for one turns. It gives+25 block too, so that's a nice bonus.

Graceful Feline
I used to think Eca’s are better of ranged and away from the enemy. Then i saw this spell. +200% close combat dmg is a dream and is the definite proof that Ecaflips are viable for all ranges. It also matches your Lock to your dodge, which means that you do not need any lock gear for this built. And it’s last effect is great too, it decreases your Feline Leap specialty to a 1 AP Cost and let’s you even cast it n allies to give additional MP

This is the perfect passive for an Eca that wants the chance to heal allies and himself directly. It increases your healing by 10% and turns your spells HoT and Roulette into healing spells. Who needs the Water Branch anyway, ehehe. Caution tho; HoT cannot be used as an offensive spell anymore if you do that. Choose either this passive OR carnage, depending on the way you want to fight.

Sweet DD Passive,as it increases damage by 15% and armor loss by 20% (useful for pvp i guess?).It also reduces your healing so i do not recommend using it along with Trance,you gotta decide on one of them.

Heads I win; Tails you lose
Looks great on paper, but i didn’t take it for the following reasons. It evolves at lv 190 which is really late, taking it now would not make use of it’s full potential.I also find the chance of it giving increased heals useless in some turns, it feels like a 50% Carnage if you do not heal at all. On the other hand i can see it as a good 6th passive if you use it along with trance instead of carnage+tarot card.

Hot Potato
Uhhhhhh, next!

Spell Deck:

Everyone who actually did read what i wrote should already have an idea of what to choose, but to the really 'special' people here an incomplete Spell Deck with all the essential Spells and passives. Other Spells and passives can be included depending on the required role for the coming fight, PvE/PvP, Boss fight, personal opinion etc.


Yeah sorry but i will not list you what exactly you have to wear,especially not on the lower levels cause my memory sucks just wear Gobbal set till lv 100, hue.

Other than that it should be obvious you you want to focus on Damage, Crits and Critical Damage. When having to choose secondary damage, single target is your best friend. And about Range, well it is a personal choice. You can easily get up to 5 Range, which is also what i did, but the truth is that you do not need that much in most cases and the damage output suffers from it, you usually also get squishier. You could go tot he other extreme and not focus on range at all, which i suspect would make your Eca a CC Monster with lots of Damage, Crits and even sustain, but i like range too much for that. In my opinion a good balance is needed, in the end we Ecaflips are Mid-Ranged, but can be good at all ranges if we do it right.

Tips and Tricks:

-always try to raise your lucky day first, even if you’re going to use mostly earth spells during the combat

-Black Bow Meow is quite cheap for it’s 2 AP, you should totally re-summon it after it dies, if possible

-you can also use it to block an enemies LOS, same goes to Cat Tree

-use Roll again if you’re close to 42, it’s the safest choice to reach it

-keep in mind and predict when you get the bonus of Precise Hit to use it together with a devastating Spell like Die Alright or a 10 AP All In.

-believe in the heart of the cards

-it’s only cheating if you get caught :^)

-cat puns are purrtastic, use them to annoy everyone!

-use your cute kitten eyes if things do not go your way

-and watch Yu-Gi-Oh! Abridged, it’s fun :3

PS: I had to make 2 parts, as there is a limit of pics on each post, and i could not include the last pics of the passives. I could've taken away the lame, unnecessary gifs....nah.
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Post you DECK builds please

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Score : 280

Hello, this guide has been included on this topic [Class Guide] Player-Made Guides Directory


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Did quite a lot of testing and it the end i found out tarrot positive proc is to damn rare to be any use. It was also frustating getting a dragon card-- then reroling and getting black bow meow. And it always procs at wrong time. Same goes for Double or quits.

One thing i havent tested if carnage reduces healing when doing earth damage on mobs with kitty out.

Heads i win, tails you lose would probaly be better than carnage once we reach lvl 190.

Damage build:
On bosses like the one from sram HC i recomed using up to scratch (instead of loaded dice) since it increases your mobility greatly (lvl 0 of cose).

Healer build:
If you want to do even more healing you can replace the leap with medicine....however your mobility and damage will suffer. You can also use tails i win, head you lose (if you like more rng).

Tank build:
The water spells are needed to increase your resistance and it also allows you to pull mobs closer to you (lvl 0 of couse). Now you have a option to use rock (more hp) or dodge (more lock). But i find rock more usefull, since other healers get increased healing on you.
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Yep, totally disapointed with the current Tart Card, therefore i don't use it :C.
Double or Quits is a double edged sword, and definitely not recommended at places like Steel Beak.

I doubt that Carnage reduces Earth Life Steal because it is technically not a heal but the number is a direct percentage of yer damage. The more you damage your target, the more health you gain back. Technically Carnage increases your lifesteal potential.

Heads i win, Tails you lose IS better for a DD/Healer Deck, the one i am currently testing at restat room and will most likely use. For pure DD without heals Carnage remains better.

I agree that Loaded Dice is the one spell you can easily replace with Up to Scratch for more movility and stuff. Craps and D-Six are just as good with better effects, the MP Steal is rarely useful in my runs, where i rather focus on killing mobs asap.

Your Damage Deck is the same i mostly use biggrin
I still recommend AoN over 3Cards if i were to ditch one of them in the Heal Deck.

I have to say that 3 Cards and Die Alright are actually quite not worth going full general dmg like i hoped it would be. I think in the end stating into single target is way superior.
In fact i decided to throw 3Cards out for the time being, same with roulette; it hasn't convinced me to be used.

Can't say too much about tank deck, cause i'll never use it tongue.


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Score : 88

Nice guide! Also hits part of my terrible humour...? Though as 'super special awesome' as it may be, there's a distinct lack of cardgames on motorcycles. That aside, can you confirm if the upgraded Tarot Card passive gives you a higher chance for good cards?

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If I'm not mistaken, there simply are more positive cards.

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Score : 580

is it worth to take in stats AP-MP removal?
mostly doing PVE but think in future will have some pvp.

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Score : 7314
Shampiez|2015-10-24 15:25:58
is it worth to take in stats AP-MP removal?
mostly doing PVE but think in future will have some pvp.

Pvp yes...pve not.

Most of bosses has so much ap that a little reduction would do nothing to them. Mp removal on other hand its ok...but only if you play some kind of tank eca (so mobs dont run away from your flaming).
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Score : 4253

I really should update this guide..maybe include a water branch section too, cause i'm tri atm anyway.

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Score : 744

Yeah, water Ecaflip is really strong, especially in PvP.

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Found my answer :O

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Score : 22

Thanks so much for this guide. smile 

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Score : 4253

Nononono stop, this guide is way outdated D:

Srsly don't! I know i should update it but i'm somehwat lazy and playing Tri Eca since a good while ago.

Maybe on the weekend :U

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