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Fire Eca Earth Eca Long Mid Short game

By Jangho - MEMBER - December 02, 2013, 07:24:32
Hi what the long mid and short game of both these elements?

Someone told me fire ecas have better end game compared to earth. Id like to know a little about the difference in long term short term games
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Both Fire and Earth are viable element choices for end game content. Bread and butter passives for all ecas are Flealine Leap and Ecaflip Precision. Eca in particular has a rough go from about level 10-40. Unlocking some of the passives that make leveling much easier is key. If you really want to get to end game just stick it out or find someone who's okay with a leech.

Fire tends to build heavily around crit and rely on winning streak and ecaflip die.

Earth builds typically build around Tarot cards and Roll Again.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. If you had a more specific question in mind feel free to respond.
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