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Earth & Water Help

By October 21, 2013, 03:24:49
Hey guys and gals, I came over from the Masqueraider forum after learning that my choice in build might not actually be that great, so I was thinking of a secondary character to play if that didn't work out or if I just get bored of it. After thinking about it a bit, I decided I'd go ahead and try my hand at an Ecaflip. As you can see by the thread title, my choice in element is hybridization of Earth and Water. I'm not too familiar with the Ecaflip, so I came here seeking a bit of advice/tips from anyone kind enough to share. Without further ado, here's what I've got planned for my character:

1 AP
1 MP
10 Crit
Rest split between Strength and Chance

All In
Heads or Tails
All or Nothing
Flea Love

Ecaflip's Tarot
Flealine Army
Roll Again
Black Bow Meow
Cat Tree

Well that's what I've got planned in my head, the only real problem I see with it is the massive use of WP for some things. Anyways, thanks to anyone who happens upon this and decides to leave some tips!
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What exactly do you want with your Ecaflip, High end PvE ?

PvP ?
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Hello buddy,

The problem I also see is the WP pool for your build,
Flea Love, Roll, Tree and Meow uses it.

For a better mechanic I'd just change Flea Love:
- Fleahopper for heals;
- One WP Spell: Three Cards;
- Base Spell: All in;
- God Spell: Head or Tails (With All or Nothing's combo ofc)

Keep Roll It at lvl 3 (20% to get WP back is enough I guess) and change Meow for Precision;

Well, just some thoughts, never played as hybrid.
Good Luck.
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hoornvlies|2013-10-21 14:30:28
What exactly do you want with your Ecaflip, High end PvE ?

PvP ?

Ideally I'd like it to be for PvP since that's mostly what I'll be doing later on or if I get random challenges.

Also, thanks for the info Adagak! (Don't know how to add two quotes to my reply, sooo... >.>wink
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Earth and Water could potentially be a fun build, I think, now that I've been playing Earth for a bit.

However, I don't see a tremendous benefit to Three Cards, in the early game at least. Seems like sticking to Flea Love for the Wakfu consumer would be better. Buuut I'm only lvl22. Would definitely be nice to have some healing support for myself since I lack the Multiman for it.
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I main a water/earth Eca.

Right now he has 12/6 ap/mp, and 530 water, 500 earth, and 200 heals.

2 ap
1 mp
1 range
Rest crits.

He's more of a tanky battle healer than anything, but the damage spike on God cards is pretty gud.

Leveled Spells -

Rough Tongue
Flea Love

Heads or Tails
All or Nothing

Leveled Specialities -

Ecaflip's Tarot (20)
Flealine Army (20)
Ecaflip Precision (20)
Double or Quits (9)
Feline Leap (9)
Roll Again (9)
Cat Tree (9)
Paws Off (10)

Basically I play him for heals until I get a God or crit card, in which case HoT hits are very spectacular.

Also I don't know why more Ecaflips use AoN, it has pretty good crits, and you can use it with your last 2 ap until it crits so you can cast a 3 AP attack again.

Most Ecaflips don't realize but when Cat Tree procs, it adds 30% res. Every proc stacks, which helps if you build tanky. Yes, Ecaflips don't always have to be glass cannons.

The 2 AP statted for 12 Ap makes up for itself in the low DMG %s by the fact that you can use Feline Leap and have 10 ap left. Basically it's like being 10/7 with 580 water / 550 Earth, while having a free dodge chance.

If you want to be more Earth than water, I would suggest 3 Cards or Battle in substitute for one of the water spells. All In actually has pretty low damage per AP (even if it procs double damage, which is a maximum 1/2 chance). Battle may have a 1/3 chance of completely derping, but that chance is lowered as your crit rate increases. 3 Cards is actually the highest Damage per AP spell Ecaflip has (besides Hunter and All or Nothing), however, the WP cost is very expensive.

My ecaflip can heal anywhere from 1200-1800 per turn. However, your initial damage will probably always be somewhat insignificant.

Trying to fit in a water attack so you don't lose your Flealine Army can be pretty annoying if you prefer using Earth moves more, that's why I only use AoN, or HoT on God Card/Crit Card turns.

After this upcoming update though, expect your heals to rival even the best enis out there.
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Jarshy|2014-03-14 12:41:37
Also I don't know why more Ecaflips use AoN, it has pretty good crits, and you can use it with your last 2 ap until it crits so you can cast a 3 AP attack again.

After this upcoming update though, expect your heals to rival even the best enis out there.

I've always wanted to play this type of Ecaflip. But I can't pass up the AoE from the Fire branch so I play Fire/Water. Thanks for posting that build.

Does anyone know if crit dmg bonus will affect heals after the changes next update? I feel it might because that bonus dmg might be treated as general dmg for a player.

I agree that AoN is an awesome spell. The only reason I've never used it when i played Earth was because I didn't want my Eca to get stuck into close combat. If i try to stay at range and kill my opponents there is little use for that skill. Also, if someone is using spells that require MP it makes it much tougher to get in CC. Many spells also have a minimum range of two cells. To top it off I also don't use Tarot.

With the free respec coming I may try something different. Eca's are probably my favorite class behind Fecas and Pandas. But after the revamp to Feca I'm not really that fond of them anymore. Eca's have many potential play styles.

I would suggest using Winning Streak as part of your build. That second AP means you're missing out on 17 more crit and I don't like that trade off personally. The extra crit from WS and stats is too good to pass up.
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I do agree that not having crits (or even str/cha for some amazing levels of res to support a super tanky healer eca) is a bit of a drag. Having an ap relic and an AP legendary makes the build a lot better, however an ap relic and an ap legendary can support any build. A majority of people focus on 10 ap/11 ap, which can work as you can get around 600 damage in water and earth with good/runed gear. I've built my spells to work in CC, which most Ecaflips can't really work with as a lot of their better spells have an extended minimum range and that most Ecaflips like to play as a ranged and evasive DPT (like a Cra).

Water ecaflips need to keep their opponents within close range however, as they will lose their water bonus if they don't get a hit in, and the fact that they need to be 3 cells within their target to get their heals.

I would really like if someone can confirm that many of the +dmg effects from ecaflip buffs effect heal

- Damage Card Tarot
- Damage boost from Roll Again
- Single spell damage boost from Ecaflip precision
- Anything else that I may be missing.
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I'll be checking what affect heals tonight if the servers are up.
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