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Not Another Newbie Thread! (Water Eca Style)

By Lofty September 26, 2013, 10:44:51
Yes it is one of those newbie threads!

I use to play wakfu long ago (long story later) but I have returned and I am in LOVE with the water Ecaflip. I'm level 54 right now, but I have no idea what to do in terms of skills and gear. Currently have Flealine Army and Ecaflip Precision maxed, and I started to dump points into Feline Leap. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

Edit: I also stated an AP and a MP
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I'd also really like to know about how to play water Ecas from the other Ecas here. C:

so clueless on what I'm doing.
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The water spell 'Fleahopper' does not heal a lot but it is a good support spell. It give allies that are standing around the cell where the spell lands, Critical hits bonus.

I'll add more when i remember how water eca can be played.

I'm a fire eca now.
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Specialty -

Flealine Army -Damage/Healing
Ecaflip Precision -Damage
Feline Leap -Deamage/escape
Paws Off - Helps avoid some damage (hopefully)
DoQ -Damage
Ecaflip Die -Raise some crits (I like this more than Tarot)
Cat Tree - Avoid more damage

Gearwise depends on lvl -

Dark Hurl Set (75ish)
Excarnus/Admihurl (95)
Admihurl/Necro (116)

Spells I find useful (choose as you see fit) -

Flea Love (maxed)
Up to Scratch (maxed)
Rough Tongue (maxed)
Flea Hopper (high)
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umm whats that call... flea line, precision,die,tarot,leap max other like tree, doq, or paw is up to you.. i prefer tree and doq. the combo is backstab or side with 10ap leap to left or right the target scracth front set up 2 cell of back taget and scracth his ass, or leap side go to the back and use flea then lick, ofc its 5mp dont put on CH just rely in equip CH 10 or 17 in ice cast set and necro it would be good then hoping for good winning streak. and.. abt that tree, its very helpfull in wabit to catch dat little lenad. oh well enjoy caty
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i could cry right now. i main a 121 fire water hybrid that was pure water up till around lvl 100 and i had just spent around an hour typing up my knowledge and advice on playing a water eca and my computer just rebooted on me for an update so i lost around 8 paragraphs of writing.

so i'll type up this main thing here since no one else has mentioned it and get the rest later. the absolute best water eca combo in the game requires you to have eca tarot and it is worth all the hassle that goes with that ability. this combo also requires the earth spell all or nothing (don't wory about lvling it the damage isn't what the spell is used for)

so put simply god eca gives you 2 ap and allows all or nothing to be cast for free. before doing that spam the hell out of flea hopper in close combat to heal yourself/ your friend and build up your crit hit chance due to flea hopper. when you are at 1 or 0 ap cast DoQ (optional) then all or nothing, if everything works out it gives you 2 ap (this happens 50% of the time according to the spell description) or 3 ap on a crit (again 50% of the time) you now can recast flea hopper then recast AoN if you've crit twice with AoN you now have 4 ap and can cast flea hopper 2 times so just keep switching between all or nothing and flea hopper until (a) all or nothing force ends your turn or (b) you cast AoN 4 times (its max number of casts per turn) and run out of ap. this combo can literally heal an ecaflip from 1 hp up to full (i was able to do that even having either 150 or 200 extra hp statted don't remember which it was anymore since i changed my build to become a hybrid)

one other thing of note NEVER UNDER ESTIMATE THE HEALING POWER OF FLEA HOPPER at lvl 100 i could heal around 600-800 hp while dealing around 300-500 damage simultaniously per turn using 10 ap. using god eca i could get in a potential 4-6 extra casts in so i could heal well over 1k hp on a full combo pluss the extra damage from those casts of flea hopper and AoN. right now my healing ability is around the same but thats because i don't have very good healing gear and i'm focusing a little more on building up my fire damage since its my main damage source

whats written here was one small part of what i had written earlier so if you want any more advice try adding me to your friends list "mizu-hyou" and just explain that you got my name from this post. i'm not on all the time but i usually try to get on for an hour or two ever day to every 2 days around midnight (mountain standard time)
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