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Could use some help with my ecaflip build please

By dennis--prinsen-- August 05, 2013, 19:10:20
Hey there,

I am soon to be a level 30 ecaflip (earth atm) and i was debating to switch builds at level 30. My first choice would be to respec to be a water ecaflip.. however i am really unsure on what to do regarding specialties and characteristics. Could any Water ecaflip please help me? Or should i not bother with the water tree at all and go for a fire specced ecaflip?
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Hello dude,

Water ecaflips are quite hard to understand, far from a healer class and a total badass as earth and fire branches, they play in the middle field and are very situational.

Primary: Rough Tongue + Fleahopper

This fits better I guess, unless you have a decent based water dagger, so I'd recomend to invest more levels on Up to Scracth. With 8AP (around level 60) you can heal once and do two attacks, or if needed heal the most injuried 4 times. It gets better with 10AP at later levels when you can get +6% CH and some heals before your attack.

Backup: Flea Love

This WP can be used in 2 ways, as a glyph, good for supporting "close combat lockers", or self heal. The main point is that it keep increasing your Flealine Army level, so next turn after you cast it, you can focus on a full attack turn.

Situational: Up to Scracth + Hunter

Old air spells, are very important for the eca mobility, but not that good to focus. Up to Scracth was my main, it's very cool in PVP but not that good in PVE.

I like all ecas braches, hope you'll find the one that fits in.

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