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Ecaflip current bug!!

By vinitsan - MEMBER - July 26, 2013, 20:27:03
Hi there are currently some bugs for fire eca!!

Winning streak at level 100 should give +1 mp and +1 ap - This bonus however we never get (correct me if every1 else does and i am the odd one out!).

We do get the 200% fire dmg bonus....but even though we get extra 50% crit I crit only 1/5 times with 80% crit stat.....
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I get it but only sometimes, i think it has something to do with you needing to be at 100 at the start of turn before the dice is rolled and it goes back if it changes after, which means you need 100 ws for two turns in a row to get it.

Though i haven't done it recently so it may not be working anymore.
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Nah I tried it, 3 turns i had 100 and yet received no bonus at all..I think it really is bugged!
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Same bug here... =/
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Hunter also displays 0 damage sometimes despite it actually doing damage.
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Ive found another one, Seemingly randomly, double or quits wont be unlocked after doing damage.
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Die alright doesn't seem to bounce anymore. Like, never. Sometimes spells stop getting XP even tho they aren't at your level. There's some serious bugs with ecas after last patch.
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HakazabaJub|2013-07-28 05:55:26
Ive found another one, Seemingly randomly, double or quits wont be unlocked after doing damage.
double or quits is not use able on undead creatures so anything that can take damage from healing spells is immune to double or quits. this might be what you are experiencing.
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To expand on that... DoQ was programmed to not work on anything takes damage from heals because of these two cases:
1) you succeed DoQ so you deal bonus damage
2) you fail DoQ so you heal back the damage you dealt... but whoops... they're undead... so they take damage anyways

You'd never really "fail" a doq in this manner... thus they felt it necessary to disable to for monsters damaged by heals.
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