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My ecaflip was hacked.

By MonochromeHam - MEMBER - May 23, 2013, 00:37:30
"The problem"

So about 2 days ago i was chilling in bonta 5th on my lvl 110 eca yuri kitsou. Out of nowhere varuru and viktor vasko attacked me. So im like oh shit im dead. so in the fight i 1 turned viktor and killed off varuru. They started bitching and told me i better screenshot it.
In the morning i logg onto my account and all my characters are deleted and one character which the hacker made called varuru wins. The same hour i sent in 14 different tickets regarding the info. i have the users i.p address that hacked my account and a detailed out line of everything that is on yuri and what characters were deleted. even the whole situation.
I just dont understand. i have never in my life given out my password and i have had the same acc since closed beta. it really bothers me how no one is yet to respond to my tickets. its not this acc by the way it is my old main account. if a dev does run across this topic please message me.

"What saddens me"

Is that this game is very fun and i enjoy it alot. the lvls is not the problem. i can lvl another character to 110 the problem is the amount of time i spent farming gear and kamas. my professions. my super huge have gem.. like those things dont just randomly appear. this is the first time i have ever been hacked in any game. and now i dont even feel that my old acc was safe. so i made this one.

"What i hope happens"

I hope that a developer would see my post check out my ticket and restore my account.  
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While i understand your frustration, i doubt spamming the forums and support will help getting your characters back. Creating unnecessary extra work for the support team and mods won't help you.

So, cool down and pray to the gods.
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Alright. Sorry, just a bit stressed at the moment
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